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  1. steveandrews

    table display via lookup

    Yeah you're right. It's always array subsetting that I get stuck on, I guess what's in my head often doesn't translate and I need to realise that a loop is still fast and the easiest way to do it. Thanks for the help
  2. steveandrews

    table display via lookup

    Yeah, I was hoping there might be a more elegant way to 'convert' the value dynamically with some fancy syntax in the expression because the table switches between displaying multiple depths of the array. I can make a separate 3d string array for display I suppose, it can just be generated when the array changes as it changes with a function call
  3. steveandrews

    table display via lookup

    not often, it's a data history received from polled slave devices and gets updated when a user manually requests it or closes a pop-up that has recorded a few actions
  4. Hi, I have a table displaying selected contents of a 3d array (table_array). It's all numerical and if possible id like not to modify this array, just display it. For one of the table columns, i would like the table to take the numerical value, say 0,1,2.. and display text from a look-up string array corresponding to those integers. Forother columns just display the numerical value as it is. I initially thought just expression: lookup_array[table_array[]] but this obviously only displays one value in the table, i need to display all the rows of table_array but substituting the numerical value of each row for that column, with a string from the lookup array. Any ideas? Cheers
  5. Hi, I have a table with many rows. When the table fills, I would like it to display with the bottom row visible (i.e the scroll bar at the bottom rather than at the top). Any way to do this in code? cheers Steve
  6. steveandrews

    2 device conflict?

    Ooops! just figured out that it's the collapsing magnetic field in the solenoids that's causing it. It's odd because they are on a separate power supply and energised by relay boards with all the right diodes etc. Somehow the signal is getting back through the power lines of the embedded computer and causing no other problems except dropping the usb-rs232 to the flow controller. The one to the arduino chip that actually controls the valves seems unaffected! So ignore my question about device conflict, have tested it and the communication part is rock solid Cheers
  7. steveandrews

    2 device conflict?

    Hi, I'm having some issues I think with a conflict between 2 devices. I thought it was an electrical issue but i am now pretty sure it is daqfactory. I have a usb to rs232 connected to a flow controller and use a custom protocol to poll it via the virtual comm port as per the instructions in the manual, driven by 1 channel at a timing of 1 sec and add the parsed data to channels. This works great. I also have an arduino chip built into my embedded computer that is running a modbus protocol (although the chip is built in to the board, i think it also runs a usb to serial adapter chip). This also works great and i use a sequence to read some registers and put them in channels. To write to some registers i just use the modbus commands on the channel and set the channel. The problem I am having is that if i switch some valves on/off by setting the registers, sometimes the RS232 adapter to the flow controller will drop out and i have to unplug in order to then initcom(). I get a timing lag error. I think what is happening is maybe if the writing to the modbus registers happens at the same time as the channel timing talking to the flow controller, the flow controller comm port gets locked up somehow? I'm not sure if this is an accurate diagnosis. The modbus read doesn't seem to be affected but it is in a sequence with a try catch. I tried reading the flow controller in the sequence with the modbus, with both reads from the modbus and the flow controller on a 1 sec loop with 0.5 sec offset. They both have try catch and the data comes in fine. But writing rapidly to the modbus I can still get the flow controller to drop out. I was thinking to move the writing to modbus into the sequence also, so I can be sure it never sends data at the same time as the reads but I'm wondering if i'm going about this all wrong!? I don't understand how the two different devices can affect each other like this as it's a different device, different protocols and different ports??? Any ideas would be great Cheers
  8. steveandrews

    VNC multiple windows

    Ah nice, was this one of the research aircraft? NASA DC8? I'll have a read through section 12.7 Connecting to a remote copy of DAQFactory cheers Steve
  9. Hi, Ok, how to describe this... So I have an embedded computer with a small touch screen running daqfactory that is doing some process control. This will have a basic user interface to work well with the small screen. I want to then be able to access daqfactory on this computer from another computer but view a more complex user interface. At first I thought maybe daqfactory running on both computers, but this could get complicated. Then I thought maybe I can use VNC and log on to the embedded computer. Is it possible to use popup page modal and when daqfactory starts to make two windows, maybe on separate virtual desktops, display one on the small touch screen and VNC on to the other one from the computer. Then I can control the program from either computer and the embedded one can mean the system is standalone Cheers Steve
  10. steveandrews

    VM multiple instances

    Hi, I am running DF on a virtual machine and it thinks that two instances are running when they aren't. This gives symbol library issue DF isn't installed on the host, just the VM. I've ran it like this before with no issue Any ideas? Cheers
  11. steveandrews

    Save File Dialog

    thanks, so the difference between the command type setregisterS16 (6) and setregisterS16 (16), is the latter actually being set multiple registers. It was this that was causing problems as the arduino library modbusino needs the (16) command even to set a single register. I found a previous AzeoTech post which summed it up nicely, and quote it here in case anyone else has this problem:
  12. steveandrews

    Save File Dialog

    oops, yep, I missed the * on the save but not on the load! thanks I'll check the modbus again, I read in one of your other replies that it hadn't changed for years and I wouldn't expect it to as it's a standard, but I literally just upgraded and it stopped working. I think the drop down modbus options have changed in the channels though as now it has readholding U/S16 but when calling the device in script it just says S16, I guess these are the same anyway and the modbus underneath hasn't changed but maybe the way it is written has? I don't know why this matters, it probably doesn't but maybe it's just confused me somehow as something looks different. I'll go back to basics on my setup and see what's happening. Also, out of interest, what is the number in brackets after the modbus call type? some of the options are duplicate but this number changes. cheers
  13. steveandrews

    Save File Dialog

    Hi, I just tested the latest DF version and it's not fixed. It still says "no items match your search" as per the first image i posted. The file extension matches the extension of other files in that folder but none are being displayed. Like I showed before it works with the load but not the save. Also, have you changed modbus recently in newer versions? I was using the arduino modbus library modbusino and reading unsigned 16bit integers into DF fine and now I just get "illegal type" message. My punishment it seems for upgrading and the bug wasn't even fixed! cheers
  14. steveandrews

    PID control of humidity

    Hi Sarah, Did you use Daqfactory for this in the end? I have used it for exactly the same purpose and it's really very easy to program so I could send you my program as an example. The key to doing this practically though is to use the correct MFC for the 'wet flow' that isn't influenced by humidity. Normally, if you get condensed water in your MFC it will give some crazy readings
  15. steveandrews

    Save File Dialog

    Hi, Please could you fix this bug? it's really annoying saving files and not being able to see any files in the save dialog. It works fine for load file dialog so shouldn't be a difficult fix? Cheers Steve