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  1. boliva

    2nd Highest

    Is there a way to easily find the second highest or third highest value in an array? I know I can use Max/Min, but not sure if I wanted to find the two highest values how to find the next easily?
  2. Is there a way to have the range selection for an Angular Gauge Component to be a variable rather than a fixed number? The same question would apply to the Sections of this angular gauge, can they be variables rather than fixed numbers?
  3. boliva

    Change device type

    One more question...I have created, using the Quick Device Configuration, a Modbus TCP device. In looking at what's tied to that, I see the Address and an AddressType. What is the AddressType refer to (currently set to 2 for Modbus TCP but blank for Modbus RTU)?
  4. boliva

    Change device type

    Thanks! Both replies are exactly what I needed. Appreciate the help.
  5. Is there a way to programatically change the device type of channels? I want to have the option of using Modbus RTU or TCP that is user selectable via an on-screen button but don't want to have completely different channel sets for this change.
  6. I'm using my ctl file with a new PC running Windows 10 IoT Enterprise. I am having trouble getting DAQFactory to recognize my COM ports. The new PC is able to successfully initialize the COM ports and read from multiple slaves using Modscan as a test, but when I try in DAQFactory, I get the error message: "Unable to initialize Com1: Can't set port settings".
  7. I started a new project, completely blank, using a new Modbus capture device. My channel's I/O Type is Read Holding Float R Words. If I select the channel to be 1, I don't get accurate data in the "Watch" window. If I have my channel set to 0, I get what I would expect. If I now change my channel to 40001, the data streams as what I would expect and if I change my channel back to 1, it remains accurate. Is this by design?
  8. I am sampling many channels every second, some of which are temperature readings and others pressures and such. I want to take a group of the temperature readings (not all of them), and create another channel or variable that would be the average of that group, another that would be the max, and a third that would be the min of the group. Is that possible without an elaborate script?
  9. The printPDF feature is excellent in quality. Having the ability to use bold and italic font as well as using other font types would help make printed information with better appearance.
  10. boliva

    Report Creation

    Is there a way to change a variable value text on screen to a graphic for printPDF? Basically, I want some characters bold, but I can't seem to get printPDF to print bold characters. I tried changing the font used, but it always appears with the same font and nothing is bold...UNLESS there's a specific font that I SHOULD be using that will display bold characters in the final pdf created using the command or there is a switch that I should be using in the command to accomplish this?
  11. boliva

    Email multiple files

    Actually, The brilliant folks at Azeotech have updated the software to now include multiple attachments in a single email, so my problem has been solved. This was part of the release for version 16.1. I did not want any type of zipped file since that's one more step on the backend to download and uncompress, etc. This has allowed me to keep everything with the single platform rather than trying to incorporate multiple pieces of software to accomplish what I need.
  12. I am building a system that will email out csv reports that contain parameters for a period of 12 hours. The system will connect to multiple units and capture the data, then send out a csv report every 12 hours with the compiled files. I would like to handle everything from within DAQFactory, but need the email capable of attaching all files to a single email. I would like to request that DAQFactory add the capability to include multiple attachments into this single email. As always, Thanks!
  13. boliva

    Email multiple files

    Hi Guru, Any chance DAQFactory can now attach multiple files? If not, is this in the plans to add as a feature? I have to send an email via DAQFactory and would like to have up to 4 csv files attached and only have a single email, and not have to unzip the files once received as my outlook rules/script automatically downloads them as they arrive. Thanks in advance
  14. boliva

    Log Time Stamp

    Just to make sure I'm heading down the correct path... 1. Create an array with the channel names to be sampled 2. Create a variable for each channel. This will store the average value over the period determined. This will be an array at the end of a 12-hour period 3. Every 10 minutes (period determined), take the average of each channel and append this average to the back of the variable just created in 2 as an array of strings, with a "," after each value. The ", " will serve as the delimiter for the csv file when done, between values. When doing this, only write to the channels whose names are actually in the array to be sampled. 4. At the end of each 12-hour or 24-hour period, write the variables to a .csv file then change the file name to begin a new one for the next period Sounds right?
  15. boliva

    Embedded Daqfactory

    Guru, When putting on an embedded PC, I want to use fbwfmgr to write protect the hard drive so if power is lost without Windows properly shutting down, it will not corrupt the hard drive. In doing so, I will add exclusions for my log directory. What other exclusions would be needed for DAQFactory to operate properly?