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    Vibration Signal Processing

    Thank you for the advice.
  2. Hi, I am planning to log four accelerometers signal from LAB Jack in order to run a bearing test rig. Can i do a signal analysis with DAQ Factory without scripting/programming? I would like to do an FFT, hi-band, low-band filters, signal modulation with certain frequency. Is it possible within DAQFactory? Thank you.
  3. tomtar

    Logging Period From Timer

    Thank you. I will try to implement and hopefully it will close the case.
  4. tomtar

    Logging Period From Timer

    The solution given by you obviously works. Thanks Before reading your post i have found a different solution in help which also works and looks like this: (1*(period !=0)/(period+(period ==0))*1000000)*60 I came to another challange: How to record the RPM which are set up as test channel with timing 0 together with real channels with timing of 0.5? I know the issue is caused by timing. My real channels have timing of 0.5 and the test channel is set to 0. When logging all real channels together with the RPM test channel the RPM value does not appear in logging set. When logging the RPM (test channel) separately all data are recorded at 1sec time interval. How can i fix this issue? I have tried exporting timing from real channel through below event in one of my RealChannels but than the RPM testChannel values are shuttered with some other numbers. RPM= insertTime(RPM[0], realChannel.time[0], 0)
  5. tomtar

    Logging Period From Timer

    Thank you for help. All is working fine. To get it to work i had to restart the DAQ F. Few more questions: Is there a way of refreshing the entire code/setup without close/open of the DAQ F? How to display zero value on a RPM variable when period is = 0? Currently NaN is displayed when period = 0 Because of the conversion from period to RPM when period equals zero the RPM varaiable includes zero in denominator and i presume this is the reason why it displays "NaN" I have tried putting into an period channel event an IF statement but this doesnt work: if (periodRaw[0] = 0) periodRaw = 1 end if I have also tried putting the same IF statement directly into the read sequence but this also doesn't work while (1) AddRequest(ID,LJ_ioGET_TIMER,1, 0, 0, 0) // Request a read from Timer1. AddRequest(ID,LJ_ioGET_COUNTER,1) // Request a read from Counter1. AddRequest(ID,LJ_ioPUT_TIMER_VALUE,1,0) // Reset Timer1. This will make it return 0 until a new edge is detected. GoOne(ID) GetResult(ID,LJ_ioGET_TIMER,1,@periodRaw) // Get Timer1 read. GetResult(ID,LJ_ioGET_COUNTER,1,@counterRaw) // Get Counter1 read. period.addValue(periodRaw) counter.addValue(counterRaw) RPM.addValue(1/periodRaw*1000000*60) if (periodRaw[0] = 0) periodRaw = 1 end if delay(1) endwhile Besides giving me the solution can you please add few comments why the above attampts did not work? Thankyou.
  6. My programing skills are close to zero hence i believe the below issue i have is straight forward for advanced users. I would like to logg RPM through my LabJack using a hall sensor. I have based my RPM measurement setup on timer setup example: My hall sensor gives voltage change as expected. I can display the variable and convert to RPM through: (1 / period[0] * 1000000) * 60 The problem i have is that i do not know how to log the output of my hall sensor or to be precise i do not know how to log the period of the timer. I have created a virtual channel: speed that converts the period to rpm so i can display the speed on my results page, but the graph i have do not display the and also i do not have the option to logg the I can manually add the to logging data set but data points are not exported to file. Can someone please help out with my issue? I have attached my DQF project file. Thanks in advance. Tom Flow test_1.ctl
  7. Hi, I am entirely new to scrpting and DaqFactory hence my questions are very simple comparing with other subjects discussed on the forum: What i am trying to do: I need to create a button with possibly quick sequence that will reset the potentiometer position reading to zero so partial piston stroke is shown. I have a linear potentiometer that already displays the position of piston through a simple conversion. I have an absolut readout from potentiometer shown on the graph already. Thanks for any help on this. Tom