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  1. cromda

    Export In Safe Mode From Saved .ctl File

    Now the export works fine. Thank you !
  2. As logging was in progress, I saved the DaqFactory .ctl file on a USB key using "file/Save with history" (I also downloaded the log file, created with "logging") Back at office, and as the office PC is not connected to a LabJack, I opened the .ctl file using "Open in safe mode". The file open correctly and I can visualise the data collected the day before. As the log file has some minor bugs, I tried to have an improved data file using export, from safe mode. The problem is that the export file has only one line (the last) instead of several thousand expected. Any idea on how I can get the whole data set by exporting from safe mode ?
  3. cromda


    I'm having some trouble to communicate with an I2C pressure sensor (BMP085) connected to a U6 under DAQFActory. Did anybody succed to communicate with I2C under DAQFactory express ? Would it be possible to send an example code ?
  4. cromda

    Pressure sensor BMP 085 and I2C

    The problem is variable casting : variable read/write to I2C are byte, but variables in DAQFactory are double. So, if I give a double to DF, what he will send as a byte to I2C ? Reversely, if I get a byte from I2C into a Double, what will be in the double ?
  5. Thank's for your answer. I put the align parameter tu 0.04 s and the hysteresis disapeared, the graph are now perfect. Thank you very much
  6. Hi, I would read a pressure sensor BMP085 trough I2C bus with a Labjack U6. Does it seems possible to implement the algorytm in page 13 of the datasheet (see attachment) into DAQFactory ? BST_BMP085_DS000_05.pdf
  7. Hello, The .ctl in attachment (saved with history) grahs two measurments (capteur_pression*6 and force_capteur) with are supposed to be equal versus an third one (LVDT). This graph shows an hysteresis : the values of capteur_pression*6 and force_capteur are bigger when LVDT increase that when LVDT decrease. If I export the data usind the "test" export and graph the sames channels with EXCEL, there is no hysteresis at all (see the file Drt.xls), what is expected. So it seems that the data in the graph are not coherent with the exported dat. Is there a way to suppress the hysteresis in graphed data ?
  8. cromda

    Array of double

    Hi, The function I would like to wrap using extern is (found in LabJAckUD.h) : LJ_ERROR _stdcall eGet_DblArray(LJ_HANDLE Handle, long IOType, long Channel, double *pValue, double *x1); I tried : extern("labjackud.dll","long eGet_DblArray(long, long, long, long,long)","eGet_DblArray(ID,ioType,Channel,pValue,px1","stdcall") But when I use the new function : eGet_DblArray(ID, LJ_ioTDAC_COMMUNICATION, LJ_chTDAC_READ_CAL_CONSTANTS,@d,@CONST); I Get nothing in the array CONST
  9. Hi, The Help in DAQFactory don't work (see attached screen copy). It seems that some sofware/plu-in is not installed. Could you help me ?
  10. I deleted the DAQFActory directory and tried to re-install, loged as an administrator and with the anri-virus desactivated. I got an error "Cannot register C\WINDOWS\System32\OPCENUM.exe" and the installation aborted. I tried to install an earlier version (5.79), same problem. I do have and OPCENUM.EXE (v 1.10, 132 ko) I my system32 directory and a lot of keys pointing to OPCENUM.EXE in the registry base. A short googling showed that OPCENUM.EXE is related to some server system. So I tried to re-install, unchecking "OPC device" when asked for device selection. The install ran fine and after unlocking trough internet and entering the key I had, DAQFactory works again. When creating a new channel, I still have an OPC choice in the device type column. So it seems that : - re-installing OPC over an exixting OPC installation stucks the DAQFactory install, - "rollback " after installation don't allway works as expected.
  11. Thank's for your answer, When I tried to upgrade, I was logged as an administrator. Do the procedure you describe works anyway ?
  12. Hello, I had a licenced version of DAQFactory Starter 5.83 wich I tried to upgrade to 5.84. I had a warning during automatic installation, like "unable to register in (...)\system32(...) dll (...)" and I clicked OK (the only choice I had). Then I got a message talking about "roling back" (?) Now, when I try to launch DAQFactory, I get a message "licence error occured, contact technical support". I like DAQFactory, but what happened to me is a pure (paying) user nightmare : The website said it was easy to upgrade and that the licence will be kept, I trusted that and tried to upgrade. Now DAQFactory is broken and measurments stucked. I feel a little bit of disapointed. What can I do to have a working version of DAQFactory ?
  13. Hi, I've a LJTick DAC connected on my LabJack U6, wich works fine with the LJTickDAC utility from LabJKack (DAC on FIO0 and FIO1). When I try to drive the DAC with the DAQFactory example downloaded from LabJack website (DAC on FIO4 and FIO5), the DAC don't work and I get an error message in the command window : "(...) Communication error with LJTDAC module, wrong number of ACKs received". The problem remains if I change the LJTDAC slot. Any idea of what's wrong ?
  14. cromda

    Array of double

    What I understand is that it is impossible to create and array of 64 double with DAQFactoryExpress. The functyion I would like to use is the AddRequest(...) function of the Labjack Windows driver AddRequest (Handle, LJ_ioGET_CONFIG, LJ_chCAL_CONSTANTS, Value, x1, UserData) x1 being the first element of a 64 double array. I Got DAQFactory Starter but I'm not familiar with extern and it seems me quite complicated to create an array of 64 double.
  15. Hi, In order to recover the calibration constants of the U6, I have to create an array of 64 double and then to send the adress of the first element of that array to a function of the window driver. Could you help me create this array under DAQFactory ?