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  1. please guide, how to get (measure) length between 2 points setting manually in image of camera. Thank you
  2. hi, need to make data exchange between two different DF Application computer connected over same LAN network. How to do.
  3. Hemendra

    2018 Update?

    excellent, eager to see
  4. Hemendra


    thank you GURU and STEVE
  5. Hemendra


    HI, using SHELLEXECUTE function to open EXCEL file of particular location. I will have to wait data to dumped in particular opened sheet, then I need to run specific MACRO of that opened file. How can I run MACRO from our DAQ?
  6. Hemendra

    need to show VALUE at plot lines in graph

    I checked markers. It shows value at bottom , if right click makes on trend. I want to show value curser edge updating continue with its movement.
  7. hello, I need to show value with respect to moving point of cursor at plotted line in graph. please guide.
  8. Hemendra


    it worked. thank you so much.
  9. Hemendra


    I don't know which script to use, request you to provide it.
  10. Hemendra


    HI, am using Barcode Reader having serial output. what protocol I need to use in DAQ?
  11. hi guru, i have created application using my computer having 1024X800 screen resolution. I have to run it at customer end having different Screen resolution. How can fit my application screens there.
  12. Hemendra

    Data logging with different Title

    hi Guru, with your further help and guidelines it was made ok with below code; while(1) private string newFileName = "C:\DATA\DAQ\Test programs\DATA_" + FormatDateTime("%y_%m_%d_%H.csv", systime()) if (logging.L2.strFileName != newFileName) endlogging(L2) Private FileHandle = File.Open(newFileName,0,1,0,1) Private string strText = "TheTime,Pressure,Temp D55,KWH,NA0H" File.Write(FileHandle,strText) File.Close(FileHandle) logging.L2.strFileName = newFileName endif delay(1) beginlogging(L2) endwhile Thank you
  13. Hello Guru, one of my application running in demo period at client end. Application stopping daily around 3 pm automatically. Computer remains on. Please tell possible causes And best solution. Thank you.
  14. Hemendra

    Data logging with different Title

    Hello, I am using Data logging function; generating new .csv file every hour having data sampling at 10 second interval. first raw of file have Channel names. i want to keep my selection of name instead of Channel name here. please guide. Thank you,
  15. Hemendra

    Sequence AUTO Start not working

    I don't know about it. Is there anything in User Guide? Or can you give any example.