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  1. Sorry I’d like to stat my stream and read for 125 counts then stop stream. Or possibly just log the data corresponding to those 125 counts.
  2. Hi Thanks for responding. I had a while(1), read(channel) with a if() followed by another while(). Once I removed the first while() everything worked. Now I need some help on counting. I saw the post on counteroffset. I’d like to read 125 counts but I’m having trouble figuring it out. Do I put something in the RawCounts channel event? Or do some type of sequence?
  3. Hello Disregard my last question. I went back and reread the chapter and got it working. The only thing wrong now is the sequence won’t end on it’s own. Am I missing something? Shouldn’t it end itself when completed? Thanks
  4. Won’t this read the channel once? I need to read it continuously until motor reaches bottom dead center.
  5. Hi Could you tell me how to read a streamed channel with timing of 0.0? I use the channel for a sequence to find Bottom dead center. I don’t want to read it while streaming because I don’t want the data to add to channel history. I’m plotting the streamed data and afterwards I need to read this channel to return to Bottom. Thanks
  6. Hello, I’m having trouble with setting up a counter. I followed the sample but keep getting a shared timer error. What could be causing this? Also, i know you’ve said not to reset a counter because you may miss some counts. Im trying to set up a shock dyno to read 2.25 revolutions at ten different speeds. Is it possible to count 2.25 revolutions then have time to reset and start counting again at the next speed? A little info I have a 60-2 tooth wheel with a proximity sensor reading the teeth. I was thinking I could read my channels from 1-135 teeth then reset counter at 180. With the 2 missing teeth I could probably do some type of sequence. Im also a little confused on how to use the set channel for a combo box. I’d like to have several combo boxes which would display different graphs. Can you point me towards an example somewhere that explains set channel better? Thanks Jim
  7. Thanks for the great help. I have learned a great deal using DaqFactory. My next phase is controlling my vfd using the analog inputs. If I purchase a LJTick-DAC, can I script to change the voltage output numerous times? I’d like to be able to start at 1 volt on A and 2 volts on B, then change to 3 on A and 4 on B, etc until I reach 10 volts. Is this doable? If I can’t do that I’ll have to go to Modbus and I’m not familiar with that. I don’t know a lot about VFDs,but I assume I need a PLC to control it. Am I correct in that assumption? If you know any other way I’d appreciate it. Thanks Jim M
  8. It seems I've fixed the streaming error. Only thing I changed was I had the "using" and "include" in an auto start sequence. Also had it in my streaming sequence. I unchecked the auto start and all seems well. As far as the graph sequence goes, I still cant figure out what's wrong. All I get is a straight line at 0. It seems to be something in the mean(filter part. If I change the fill to any other number it gives me a straight line at that number so I know that part is working. Ive commented out the mean(filter part and inserted a private f=, then did a f= f+ in the loop and I get the correct lines on the graph. At times I get a missing parameter message in the alert box pertaining to line 14, which is my mean(filter line. Seems like im not getting data into the array. I've also tried it on a logging set I have, which I load into v channels, and the same results. Any idea whats wrong with that line? If I do the sequence on paper it makes perfect sense but it just won't work.
  9. Hello I am at an impasse with the streaming. Although data is showing on the graph, I keep getting the error "stream isn't active ". Because of this It seems like I'm not getting the data correctly. When I try the graph sequence I get an empty parameter message in command/alert window. I've checked the spelling and all the settings numerous times and can't find anything wrong. Once i get streaming, I can tweak my graphing sequence. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. I'm using the u3-hv. I start the dyno and wait a few seconds before pushing my start stream button. It was working okay at one point but I don't remember what changed. As I said, the stream shows in my graph ,but I'm getting the error message in the command window at the same time. I'm using the startstream sequence. SHOCKDYNO.ctl
  11. I finally figured out the graphing problem. I forgot a comma after force in the mean line. Amazing how one little error can cause such a pain. I still can't figure out my streaming problem though. I copied the example from the book and I get data when I push my start button. But I also get the message "stream isn't active". Due to the stream error I get an error saying one of the parameters are empty. Once I figure the stream out I believe I'll be good. Should I send a copy of my .ctl for you to look at?
  12. Thanks As for the streaming, I don't get any data on my graph until I push the startstream button. As soon as I push it my graph fills in but I get an alert in the command window saying streaming isn't active. I know it streams because I change the scanrate and see it change on graph. Just seems odd that it started out of the blue. As for my graphing, I'm getting a straight line following the 0 force line all the way across. It seems like the force results are not indexing into the graph properly. Could it be the filter is returning 0's instead of the mean(data)? Or am I using the wrong index to start? If I change my start and steps I can see the line move along the graph , so I believe the first part of sequence is working. Not sure if the for private part is. Am I correct in assuming the graphforce [index]=f line put a 0 to start and increments by 1 with each for until it reaches the last step? What does the index line up to?
  13. Hello That took care of the error problem. I'm still not getting anything on my graph. I was wondering about the line for global force =fill(,steps). Is this correct or did something get left out? I understand the globalspeed =Seqadd part creates my array but not how the force results are binned into the array. Also, I get an error on streaming. Stream isn't active. I copied the example given with my channels. When I press my sequence button without the dyno cycling I get the error. When I cycle the dyno I get a graph. Is this normal? I would think I can stream even without dyno cycling. I would just get a small line at 0,0. Thanks
  14. I tried the above sequence and got an error for line 17, which is the index++. I erased that line for the time being. My big question, which sounds dumb, but where is the data to graph coming from? Obviously I need to load some data somehow for graphing purposes. I put the sequence on a button on the graphing page. I tried streaming my two channels then hit graph button to no avail. I get an error saying null array. Im hoping to get this running as you described and then tweaking to fit my needs.