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  1. jhenise

    Graph appearance

    Also, is there a way to have area graphs be behind line traces? for example plotting temperature as a solid line on Left Axis 1 then wanting the time a fan spends on to plot as shaded area on the graphs background. I am trying to do this by plotting fan on/off (1 or 0) on Left Axis 2 as an area plot, however the area falls on top of the line from left Axis 1....
  2. jhenise

    find and replace

    I can hit ctl+F within a sequence and it opens the find feature, but I don't see any replace option.... Anyway its not to big of a deal, i realized that you can just paste the script into Microsoft word and use the find and replace features in there... What brought this up was I had mad an application with 20 temperature channels, and had written some long sequences to do things with them. I then make 20 humidity channels and duplicated the sequences to have the same functions for the humidity channels. this resulted in me having to change the word Temp to Humid in about 100 places in the scripts. just using the word processor made it super easy. I could have made a private string within the sequences for the names perhaps if i was thinking ahead. thanks for the input....
  3. for editing in sequences and edit boxes a find and replace feature would be nice... helpful for editing a lot of redundant code where a number or name needs to be changed in many places...
  4. independent control of Grid and Axis Color so you can have a dark border with a light grid for example...
  5. Being able to set a color table and threshold values from script would be nice. This is not available in a symbol component for example. or allow thresholds to accept expressions or variables..
  6. LJM_eWriteNameByteArray and LJM_eReadNameByteArray Are needed to do Asynchronous serial comm from the digital pins of the Lab Jack T7 but aren't currently supported in DAQ Factory...
  7. jhenise

    IP Camera

    Great thanks. yep I understand this is different then a web cam. I was thinking of using it as you described, having their driver write the image file, then display it in DAQ factory. The update frequency that is required is pretty low. Right now I am doing something similar. I have a system where DAQ Factory sends an analog pulse (from a LAB Jack) to a machine vision vision camera to trigger capture of an image that is saved to a file, the same sequence updates a variable that is the most recent file name, then I have an image component display it. This I pretty cumbersome, and requires the cameras software to be running, and the camera must be configures properly in its software. Having DAQ Factory be able to configure the cameras settings, trigger image capture, and such directly would be awesome.
  8. jhenise

    IP Camera

    I am looking into a USB machine vision camera that does come with a DLL that you can access (I think) See page 86 of the manual in the link below: https://www.thorlabs.com/drawings/984cbbd269fda707-E647477E-5056-0103-7901C5A8DEA221F6/DCU223M-Manual.pdf I am not a programmer, and most of this is Greek to me, but I have set up DAQ factory to talk to a stepper motor controller through an RS232 interface, where after setting up a connection to the controller as a device, and specifying a protocol, I was able to call functions to the device to control it, works great. I have been needing DAQ factory to control a machine vision camera for some time now. Do I understand this correctly: If the camera comes with a driver like the one in the link above with a known set of functions, can DAQ factory be set up to talk to the driver, call the functions and control the camera. I want DAQ factory be able to configure the cameras settings then tell it to capture JPEG images and save them, it looks like the camera has functions for all of that, so it sounds possible. If anyone can take a quick look at the manual in the link above and tell me if this looks doable, any information would be greatly appreciated!
  9. Ok I changed my sequence to this: device.webcam.init() global string frame while(1) device.webcam.takeFrame() delay (0.5) frame = device.webcam.getLastFrame() endwhile I have am image component on page_0 with the expression: frame The loop runs, the image component goes solid white, and i get this error message now once per loop: C1033 Unable to load device driver DDE.dll, check file path and make sure manufacturer's drivers are installed. I don't see " RFSCADA.dll" or "DDE.dll" in the DAQ factory folder.
  10. made sequence with this code now: device.webcam.init() global string frame while(1) device.webcam.takeFrame() frame = "GetLastFrame()" delay (0.5) endwhile now the loop runs but i get this error message: C1033 Unable to load device driver RFScada.dll, check file path and make sure manufacturer's drivers are installed.
  11. I get these error messages: 11/11/16 12:55:26.410 C1033 Unable to load device driver RFScada.dll, check file path and make sure manufacturer's drivers are installed. 11/11/16 12:55:26.911 C1000 Channel or function not found: webcam Line 7 - Uncaught error in sequence webcam
  12. I haven't worked with DAQ factory for a while so I am a little rusty, pardon me if this seems Naive... I created a sequence with this code: device.webcam.init() global string frame while(1) device.webcam.takeFrame() delay (0.5) GetLastFrame() = frame endwhile Then I created an image component with the expression being: frame Am I missing something?
  13. How exactly are the new webcam features used to capture a JPEG? I read the help files in 16.3 but have no idea how to implement those features. Any information would be greatly appreciated.