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  1. kanber

    Modbus 485 Flow Control

    Hi, I should make modbus 485 comunication with device like that; 1- RTS enable 2- Tx Data 3- RTS disable (Delay 100-200msec) 4- Rx Data these condition should do looping from 1 to 4 for communication. Is there any way to do that?
  2. kanber

    About Execute function

    thank you for your comment. After blank it worked. thank you
  3. Hi, when I tired ; var.strx1 = "FullScaleMin_AI4" var.x22 = 5 var.strdeneme = var.strx1+"="+(var.x22) Execute(var.strdeneme) it is working. But when I tried minues value; var.strx1 = "FullScaleMin_AI4" var.x22 = -5 var.strdeneme = var.strx1+"="+(var.x22) Execute(var.strdeneme) it is giving error "C1066 Invalid operator". But I can set the channel like FullScaleMin_AI4=-5. where is the problem I can not find
  4. Hi, I am trying to run windows keyboard exe with shellExecute. But it is not opening. I tried different way to run. system.ShellExecute("C:\WINDOWS\system32\osk.exe","open","","","normal") system.ShellExecute("osk.exe","open","","","normal")
  5. Hi, I have one page with components which I write set channel, variables display. All variables looks like ABC01,02,03 I want to copy and paste these page to another and select all component and replace ABC to KLM. Is there any way to make that?
  6. Hi, I am using spectrum component for display 10 temperatures value with 0-100 C. But I want to change colour which temperature is bigger then 50 C with red color, otherwise with green color. Is there any way to do that?
  7. Hi, Is there any way to check runtime.ctlis running or not? I want to don't allow user to make mistake to open second runtime.ctl file.
  8. kanber

    Report Creation

    Is here any update for ç,ş,ğ etc. characters for converting pdf file since 2018?
  9. kanber

    Document Licensing

    After re-open test.ctl file it should start directly on runtime mode. but It start like clicking daqfactory.exe. When I press to continue test.ctl file is open.
  10. kanber

    Document Licensing

    Hi, I am trying test Document Licensing. but I have some problems; I make a test.ctl file for testing. I put some buttons, texts etc. and I install daqfactory 18.1 to remote pc, copy to desktop for testing. when I double click on test.ctl file it looks trying open on edit mode. But I put password for editing also for licensing. Also file name is showing * Then I generate licence for 15 days. and enter the remote computer. and it said licenced for 15 days. when I click OK then it is showing me save ctl file popup. I attached also test.ctl file. passwords are 123456 test.ctl
  11. kanber

    Print Export Function Crashing in Windows 7

    Hi, On verison 18.1 when I add a button and set action to Print Settings, if I click button page is changing to blank white page. page.strCurrentPage variable showing null. How can I solve the problem?
  12. kanber

    Report Creation

    Also how can I set on "page.pdfFinish" function to make pdf pages horizontal. It is converting to pdf with vertical
  13. OnMouseMove function I put script "global Row4 = loc[0][1]" Row4 is change on pages. but when I open popup it is not changing. Also when popup is open, outside the popup page it is working. but I need to X and Y on popup.
  14. kanber

    Report Creation

    Hi, I am using version 18.1 Build 2347. Is there still characters problem for ş,ç etc. I have problem with convert to pdf file a table with a lot of pages. I need to use pdfAddPage function. But on pdf is is not chowing ş,ç etc characters. I should do that for take report from system.