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  1. kanber

    Report Creation

    Is here any update for ç,ş,ğ etc. characters for converting pdf file since 2018?
  2. kanber

    Document Licensing

    After re-open test.ctl file it should start directly on runtime mode. but It start like clicking daqfactory.exe. When I press to continue test.ctl file is open.
  3. kanber

    Document Licensing

    Hi, I am trying test Document Licensing. but I have some problems; I make a test.ctl file for testing. I put some buttons, texts etc. and I install daqfactory 18.1 to remote pc, copy to desktop for testing. when I double click on test.ctl file it looks trying open on edit mode. But I put password for editing also for licensing. Also file name is showing * Then I generate licence for 15 days. and enter the remote computer. and it said licenced for 15 days. when I click OK then it is showing me save ctl file popup. I attached also test.ctl file. passwords are 123456 test.ctl
  4. kanber

    Print Export Function Crashing in Windows 7

    Hi, On verison 18.1 when I add a button and set action to Print Settings, if I click button page is changing to blank white page. page.strCurrentPage variable showing null. How can I solve the problem?
  5. kanber

    Report Creation

    Also how can I set on "page.pdfFinish" function to make pdf pages horizontal. It is converting to pdf with vertical
  6. OnMouseMove function I put script "global Row4 = loc[0][1]" Row4 is change on pages. but when I open popup it is not changing. Also when popup is open, outside the popup page it is working. but I need to X and Y on popup.
  7. kanber

    Report Creation

    Hi, I am using version 18.1 Build 2347. Is there still characters problem for ş,ç etc. I have problem with convert to pdf file a table with a lot of pages. I need to use pdfAddPage function. But on pdf is is not chowing ş,ç etc characters. I should do that for take report from system.
  8. this function working on pages. I need to do on popup. How can I do?
  9. SELECT CONVERT(varchar(100),name) as name22 FROM sys.Tables solved my problem. thank you.
  10. Thank you. But I have problem read sys.Tables with nvarchar type. I need to get all table name for checking somethings. How can I do that. As I see daqfactory is support varchar types. but on that system column I can't change the type.
  11. kanber

    DLL problem

    Hi, I will test. what about variables type? is it important? or what is the uint and int variables on daqfactory?
  12. kanber

    DLL problem

    Hi, On c# I am using DLL like below; [DllImport("commdll.dll", SetLastError = true)] static extern uint InitDll(int Portno, int Baudrate); [DllImport("commdll.dll", SetLastError = true)] static extern uint BusyStatus(); [DllImport("commdll.dll", SetLastError = true)] static extern uint CommStatus(); [DllImport("commdll.dll", SetLastError = true)] static extern int ReadMW(uint PLCAdres, uint MWNO, uint Adet); [DllImport("commdll.dll", SetLastError = true)] static extern int ReadMB(uint PLCAdres, uint MBNO, uint Adet); [DllImport("commdll.dll", SetLastError = true)] static extern short GetShort(int Index); [DllImport("commdll.dll", SetLastError = true)] static extern Byte GetByte(int Index); [DllImport("commdll.dll", SetLastError = true)] static extern int WriteMWExt(uint PLCAdres, uint MWNO, uint Adet); [DllImport("commdll.dll", SetLastError = true)] static extern short SetShort(int Index, int Value); [DllImport("commdll.dll", SetLastError = true)] static extern short SetByte(int Index, Byte Value); private void button3_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { label2.Text = Convert.ToString(InitDll(3, 38400)); label5.Text = Convert.ToString(ReadMW(1, 0, 5)); label6.Text = Convert.ToString(GetShort(0)); label7.Text = Convert.ToString(GetShort(1)); label8.Text = Convert.ToString(GetShort(2)); } and it is working fine on c#. But On daqfactory when I tried with short,ushort, word, uword combinations I am getting error message from dll like incorrect word addess. global Portno=3 global Baudrate=38400 global InitStatus=-99 global PlcAdres=1 global StartWord=0 global WordCount=5 global ReadStatus=-99 Extern("commdll.dll","ulong InitDll(long, long)","InitDll","stdcall") delay(1) //Extern("commdll.dll","uword BusyStatus","BusyStatus","stdcall") delay(1) //Extern("commdll.dll","uword CommStatus","CommStatus","stdcall") delay(1) Extern("commdll.dll","long ReadMW(ulong,ulong,ulong)","ReadMW","stdcall") delay(1) //Extern("commdll.dll","word ReadMB(uword,uword,uword)","ReadMB","stdcall") delay(1) //Extern("commdll.dll","short GetShort(word)","GetShort","stdcall") delay(1) //Extern("commdll.dll","byte GetByte(word)","GetByteDaq","stdcall") delay(1) //Extern("commdll.dll","word WriteMWExt(uword,uword,uword)","WriteMWExt","stdcall") delay(1) //Extern("commdll.dll","short SetShort(word, word)","SetShort","stdcall") delay(1) //Extern("commdll.dll","short SetByte(word, byte)","SetByte","stdcall") delay(1) InitStatus = InitDll(@Portno,@Baudrate) ReadStatus = ReadMW(@PlcAdres, @StartWord,@WordCount) Is there any table for variables on daqfactory with c# variable?
  13. Hi, When I tried to read data from SQL server with ODBC. Int values reading OK. but On nvarchar(50) values I am getting NaN. Also on Table is showing "???" how can I solve the problem. sqlqr.ReceteAdi column is nvarchar(50). global dbase=db.Open("Deneme") //qr = DB.Query(dbase,"Select * from dbo.Receteler") global sqlqr = db.Query(dbase,"Select * from Receteler") db.Close(dbase)
  14. On Watch window text size is so small. How can I change? I tried to change windows screen resolution but nothinh is changing.
  15. Hi On same project; Can I use daqfactory modbus tcp server on port 502 and for example on port 503 with configuration two different protocol? Same thing for rtu also; com1 modbus rtu master com2 modbus rtu slave