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  1. HI Azeo Tech The timeout on the PLC and DF have been both set up as 1000ms.Shall I set up timeout on the PLC port to be longer? Thanks, Ren
  2. Hi AzeoTech, After many months, I am still having this issue. Now it will get into the point of receiving 'C1038 Timing lag, data acquisition stalled. Resetting. Timing: 1.000, Offset: 0.000' and DF losing comms with the device completely (see attached screenshot). Like you side, I might have a Tx with no Rx that is holding things up. Is there a way to resolve this? Like ignoring Rx and carry on sending Tx? Many thanks! Regards, Ren
  3. Hi Guru, I have setup the DF with control a PLC for continuous testing which would last for two weeks. During the test DF has the Modbus Port Lock warning every now and then, and sometimes completely locked down the port (as shown in the attachment) and pause the test. Is there a way that I can get an email reminder or text message if this occurs? I know we can use DAQconnect to observe real time data but not sure if realtime warning could be done? Many thanks. Ren
  4. Hi, this port lock usually happens when I try to write/read to multiple IOs (channels) simultaneously without delay () in between in the sequence. Could that be the problem of port locking? Should I place a delay() in between. I have attached an example of my code. Cheers, Ren
  5. Hi, Tried to do as you said. It seems that comms takes about 40-50 ms to respond. Doesn't seems to be an issue for logging 6 channels... Regards, Ren
  6. I have attached the original file. By "increased the Timeout on the port to something a lot bigger than 1000", is that I need to setup in the PLC or daqfactory? Cheers, Ren test.ctl
  7. I have only 6 read input channels, each at 1 second sampling interval and 0 off-set, alone with another 10 output channels with 0 timing. Apart from timing lag, I also got pork locked warning as shown in the attachment, which completely stoped the event I programed to do. 6 input channels to read doesn't seem to be a complex task for daqfactory, is it still the timing keep up problem? Or could it be a hardware issue? Cheers, Ren
  8. Dear all, I have been running a two sequences and three logging set, with 10ish channels on a daqfactory lite version platform. I noticed that during the operation, the following warnings/errors would appear quite frequently(especially in a while loop which loops approximately every 1 second: "C1038 Timing lag, data acquisition stalled. Resetting Timing: 1.000, Offset: 0.000" Just wonder what causes such warning? I have attached my program for reference. Many thanks. Regards, Ren test.ctl
  9. Mixergy

    Time and wait()

    Sorry I meant waituntil(). I think that solved the problem. Many thanks for your reply!
  10. Mixergy

    Time and wait()

    Hi AzeoTech, Many thanks for your reply. I have been using daqfactory Lite version, not sure if that is the reason I can still use the time function. On another note, my events are occuring with intervals of hours in minutes, and I noticed that when I use second unit in wait(), i.e. wait(startTime + 39600), there is a slight accuracy issue (time shift in minutes). Will there be similar issue if I use wait(startTime + 11h0m0s)? In this case, is using waituntil(startTime + 11h0m0s) more accurate than using waituntil(startTime + 39600)? Cheers, Ren
  11. Mixergy

    Time and wait()

    Dear all, I am fairly new to daqfactory and have an issue regarding designate task at certain time. I have been using the following time and wait()/delay() function in the sequence to schedule tasks on specific time: time 0 Event A Wait(10) Event B time 30 Event C My purpose was: do A when sequence starts, do B after 10 seconds, and do C in 30 seconds after sequence starts. However in test, it did the following: Event A at start, Event B after 10 seconds, and Event C in 40 (30+10) seconds after sequence starts. It appears that 30 seconds specified by time is happened after Event B. Is there a way to specify the time (from the beginning of the sequence) of the event even with wait() or delay() in between (sorry I know it is weird but event B is a while loop with wait() function inside, so I don’t exactly know how long event B would take)? I can upload the script if that is any helpful. Many thanks! Ren