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  1. That worked. The bogus pop-up message at start-up no longer appears. Out of curiosity, why was it popping up when there was only one instance of DAQFactory running? Is this a known bug or is there something in my own setup that may have been causing this message to appear? Nick
  2. When I start the DAQFactory (v. 17.1 build 2309) program (on my Windows 8.1 laptop) I get a pop-up message that says: It appears that you are trying to run a second instance of DAQFactory on this computer.... I uploaded a screen capture of the pop-up message. I checked Task Manger (before and after I had started the program) and this is the only instance. Is there anything I need to fix to get rid of this start-up message? Perhaps I didn't close it down properly and there are some stale lock files I should delete? Nick
  3. I purchased a license for DAQFactory Lite in April 2016. What is the current version and how do I update my software to the latest version? Also, would you please point me to where I can find a change log so I can see what's changed between the version I have and the most recent version? Thanks! Nick