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  1. Thanks That seems to fix it Bill
  2. I have a filter in the sequence: PU_data3 = parse(datain,3,",") //? PU_data3 if((PU_data3 > PU_RAIN_C[0]) || (PU_data3 == PU_RAIN_C[0])) PU_data3.time = systime() PU_RAIN_C.addValue(PU_data3) //pick out RAIN COUNTS ? "RAIN = " + PU_data3 endif But this filter does not catch NaN I tried the following : PU_data3 = parse(datain,3,",") //? PU_data3 if((PU_data3 > PU_RAIN_C[0]) || (PU_data3 == PU_RAIN_C[0]) || (PU_data3 == NaN)) PU_data3.time = systime() PU_RAIN_C.addValue(PU_data3) //pick out RAIN COUNTS ? "RAIN = " + PU_data3 endif and I get the following error. C1085 Function without parenthesis: X_ONE_SEQUENCE Line 262 any suggestions appreciated Thanks Bill
  3. I sometimes get bad data collected in the channel data base. Is there a way to delete specific data from the channel data log. In the attached file I want to delete "NaN", row 53 and "98" row 48. Thanks Bill channel_data.pdf
  4. I have a Variable Value Component that displays MAX(PO_wind_gust[0h, 0h+86400]). This the MAX value for the last 24 hours. How do I display the time that the MAX value is obtained. Thanks Bill
  5. My computer failed so I installed the latest DAQFactory (Lite 17.1 build 2309) on another Dell laptop Windows 10 pro. The install did not create a Persist directory under DAQFactory. I added a Persist file to the DAQFactory directory but I continue to get the error message "Unable to open/create persist file. check that path exists. There is no data showing in the Persist folder. The DAQFactory "File/Document Settings/Channel Persist Path is C:\DAQFactory\Persist\. Help appreciated
  6. I have a sequence that works using PU_data3 = parse(datain,3,",") if((PU_data3 > PU_RAIN_C[0])) PU_data3.time = systime() PU_RAIN_C.addValue(PU_data3) //pick out RAIN COUNTS endif but if I change the if statement to if((PU_data3 => PU_RAIN_C[0])) I get the error code C1070. I do not understand why => cannot be used in a IF statement. How can I do this ? Thanks Bill
  7. william


    I combined all the sequences into one sequence. Seems OK now. Sorry to bother the forum. Bill
  8. My project has 5 incoming serial strings and each serial string is a separate sequence. Attached is one of the sequences; the other 4 sequences aree almost identical except for the "if (left(datain,5) == "$POND") //valid data stream". The problem I am having is that all the serial is not being processed. The Comm Monitor shows that the serial strings are arriving and the Command-Alert is printing the datain string but it does not always get to the IF statement. Any ideas on what is happening and/or how to fix would be appreciated. Thanks Bill sequence_A.txt Comm Monitor.pdf Command-Alert.pdf
  9. I am using a BUTTON component to select pages. I would like the button color to change when I am on the selected page. I tried using Page.strCurrentPage = "MYPAGE" in the button component by adding it in a second action in the button component but I cannot figure out how to get the color to change. Any sugestions??? Bill
  10. I want to change the value in a channel; the channel is updated from incoming serial data using xxxx.addValue(). I tried changing the value using a BUTTON and the SET TO action but it does not add the value I enter into the set to box. The only way I can get it to work is to: a. create a global variable; (use DATA for variable name.) b. Create a button and using the SET TO action, I can write the value I want to DATA. c.Create a second button and use the QUICK SEQUENCE action to write data to the channel using xxxx.addValue(DATA); Is there a way to do this with one button??? Thanks Bill
  11. I am trying to use a BUTTON and the SET TO action to write a new value to a channel. The channel is DEVICE TYPE = TEST, I/O TYPE = AtoD, Timing = 0. The channel is being updated with the AddValue() from a sequence. When I try use the SET TO button and put 20 in the 'NEW VALUE' field it writes a value like .999505(the old value was 12) to the channel . I don't know what other info you need to help me on this one; please advise. Thanks Bill
  12. Thanks a million Bill
  13. I am getting bad data which does not look good in a graph. I tried to not include the data in the channel log with the following code. data = parse(datain,6,",") ? data data.time = systime() if((data < P_RAIN_C[0] +10) || (data > P_RAIN_C[0] -10)) //pick out rain counts data.time = systime() P_RAIN_C.addValue(data) ? "RAIN = " + data endif if the datain(P_RAIN_C) is greater than the previous P_RAIN_C(P_RAIN_C[0] by plus or minus 10 then do not addvalue. It does not work and I am probably forgetting some basic item so your help is appreciated. Attached is the complete sequence. Thanks Bill BAD_DATA.txt
  14. william


    It seems the last set of () is missing from line 3 and 4 Sems to be running, now havew to see if it changes the file name at the end of the month. Do you have a easy way to check this out???? Thanks Bill