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  1. Every time I startup the program the logging set just starts logging. Before it would not do this until I went to the newest update. How can I correct this where as soon as I startup the program it would remain off (not logging) until I want it to like I had already setup with previous versions.
  2. Richard

    Logging Data issues

    1. How can I log Data on another pc using a runtime license. My pc is running the pro version. 2. Or is there a way to save logging files to a cloud or storage device on my network? By the runtime user?
  3. I have created a button with a quick sequence to save a screen shot. The only problem is that I dont know how to make it save as time stamped filename. page.capture("Testing","C:\Users\richa\Desktop\DaqFac Testing\Screen Shots\Test(systime).jpg") This is what I tried and it only gives me one file with Test(systime) as the title of the pic file. It will overwrite itself every time the button is pushed. Help on correcting this please or another way to do this.
  4. Can anyone help me with setting this up. I cant seem to figure this out. I need help with the whole process. Thanks. I am really a novice to this whole thing.
  5. Yes the folder will have a name such as "C:\File-201706020723" and changes with the time. then the file would be like "201706020723 meter #123456". I am really new to this and need help I guess from start to finish. I tried following the ex in ch 9 but could not get the data to import. I know I am messing it up either in the channel configuration or the scripting. Thanks for your time and help.
  6. The part I am struggling with is that a folder is created and then a .csv file is created in that folder. So every min a folder and file are created. So what I need is to have it go to the folder and file every min and input that information.
  7. How do I setup from the the beginning to import information from a csv file? The file will be saved with a time stamp every min. I need to set up daqFac to get the different file every min. Of course the file will be labeled differently with the timestamp.
  8. Ok I figured out a way to do this with the conversion/equation way. (((V*cos—≤ )/2)/1000/3600)((Sum(Value))+Sum(CT_2)) increments of 1 sec, where the value is CT1. And taking the average of both CT's. Of course for our tests we have clear our history before we run the tests.
  9. Is this formula correct? sum((((Value+CT_2)/2)*208*.85)[systime(), systime(0)])/1000/3600 . We are trying to get the commutative value while the system is running. We are expecting the graph to always go up.
  10. I already have the kWh and need it to add onto itself in previous time intervals of 1 second. I was reading other posts and I would like to have a variable channel to store the current reading of the kWh. Then a formula to sum up the total kWh. Once I get these values I want to get a chart/graph to show the progression of the accumulation curve. I tried using the following into an event but it did not work. kWh.AddValue(kWh[0]+(Power_Consumption.Time[0] - Power_Consumption.Time[1])) The power consumption is our calculated kWh. And the kWh is the channel ; test ; timing 0.
  11. I am really trying to find calculating cumulative kW-h. over a span of 10 min. test.
  12. I am trying to get a total sum at time increments. ex: probe1 * (0 sec) , probe1*(1 sec) and so on. And then adding this together. At real time. Can this be achieved with a timer and how could I start and stop the timer. Also for the probe variables, how can I save the previous and then have them sum up with the next.
  13. Richard

    EKM push to DaqFactory

    I am a novice University student. I am setting up the EKM push system with DAQFactory. First how would I setup the configuration for DAQ to see the EKM Push RS-485. Second for the converting the data to all the information I need from the EKM system to be able to use on the DAQ software.