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  1. Hi I am trying to get a "Button" to blink under certain conditions but there is no StrBlink component variable for a button I can get a Static text component to do it as it has the StrBlink component variable The Button with its borders looks better than a static text box therefore I would like to use the "Button" component I think it can do it by using CreateStringProperty in the OnLoad event But the actual syntax eludes me........ can it be done ? - if so what is the syntax (ps have have a number of buttons on the same page I would like to do this with - if it can be done -- do I need to place them in some kind of group to make this easier?) Rodney
  2. sorry one final syntax to check if I wanted A16 D15-D14 would it be (CES[0]>>2) & 0x0F thanks
  3. Hi Sorry for the late reply but other issues on my project have taken priority..... Can you confirm if I have understood you reply if I named A15 above Batt_Status and I want to return D8 then the syntax is TestBit(Batt_Status[0],8) D7-D4 (Batt_Status[0]>>4) & 0x07 and D3-D0 (Batt_Status[0]>>4) & 0x03 if I named A16 CES and I wanted the charging status (D3-D2) (CES[0]>>2) & 0x03 Thank you Rodney
  4. I have now successfully been able to set a number of registers using function code 16 however on one specific register I get the following error when trying to set it P-ModbusRTU 0004: Slave Device Failure what causes this error and what do I need to d to correct it?
  5. Tthat makes sense - looks like it was working using code 16 - it's a solar controller that I am trying to configure and looks like I have killed the power to the wifi antenna at my friends cattle station (1300km away!!!) luckily we have a spare onsite to swap out (and I have one here at home which I will now test configure.....) Thanks for the quick response
  6. Hi The manual for a piece of equipment I have states the registers use Modbus Function code 3 to read the register and function code 10 to set the register I can read the registers no problem In the channel table i/o type I can see set register with either function code 6 or function code 16 but no code 10 I tried using code 16 but no luck How do I set the registers that require function code 10 ? Regards Rodney
  7. Rodney


  8. Thanks will give this a try
  9. Thanks Matt I asked a similar type question to the manufacturer (yet to receive a reply) so I must be sort of getting this now...... Rodney
  10. Hi thanks for the response but I have a question re the syntax in your reply you have Value & 0x7ff - is this a typo? Only reason ask is that in your reply to a post I made re BCD conversion in Sept 2017 you said use Value & 0xff As a non programmer I am not sure of the logic /syntax of this low and High byte (Value >> 8) conversions any chance you can give a quick explanation or point me to where in the Manual where these conversions are? Rodney
  11. Hi I have an issue with the correct I/O type to use - the manual with the equipment appears to be inconsistent - however my newbie status maybe the issue.... I have 3 different channels that according to the manual all use the same data type - integer - see attached PDF - MTM100FM_ extract I have set up all 3 as readholding U16 - see channels attachment (note channels are actually 1 less than the manual due to Modbus numbering) the equipment has a display that shows all the 3 channels Signal Quality range 90-95 Signal Strength Up range 80 -86 Signal Strength down range 80-86 if I do a to.byte conversion on Signal Quality per the manual I get the correct reading - somewhere between 90-95 per the display - so readholding U16 appears to be correct the up and down are giving a reading in the 3500 range (see attachments) - outside the 0-2047 integer range of the manual Am I using the correct I/O type? if not what should I be using? Rodney MT100FM_Extract.pdf
  12. Hi I trying to get the above event to work but with no luck using a local component event on a knob for testing just trying to get knob1 print "mmmmmm" and print Timerz when the left mouse button is released Can it be used with knob? It should be simple process i think please see attached file CreateProperty_Test.ctl
  13. Hi I decided to start a new topic as this question is subset of my Current Component Name post I have been trying to get this to work for a number of hours and now I am completely lost so I have set up a new file just to test in my other post you said use CreateProperty() in onLoad - which I though I had done successfully but now I realise not in the new file all I am trying to do is create a property called timerx and have knob1 set timerx =1 and knob 2 set timerx =2 please see attached screen shot As my 2nd print ? "this is Knob1 after CreateProperty" has not printed I assume my line CreateProperty(timerz,100) has not run My understanding is that by using createproperty() I can then have local variables for my timerx components once I set their values I know this is a very basic question - but just how is it done?
  14. thanks - let me reread your answer - sorry....
  15. Steve - you have hijacked my post!! As a non programmer this is great - I'm learning all the time.... Guru - not sure if you have actually answered my question - can script generate and save a sequence? Rodney