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  1. robopp

    Getting Desktop Path

    Makes sense. Thank you!
  2. Is there a way to get the desktop path programatically? The cmd desktop path shortcut - %userprofile%/desktop - doesn't work.
  3. Was this intentional? We're upgrading our installations now and we've migrated our templates to version 18.1, but will revert if there's an issue with the build.
  4. robopp

    DDE client crashing

    I actually found the updated DDE.dll and that fixed the problem. Thank you!
  5. Hi, I'm already making use of the DDE server capability provided by DAQFactory to read data from DAQFactory, but now I'd like to be able to write data to DAQFactory from a Windows application. To accomplish the writing I'd like to use the DDE client capability, but after installing the dde.dll and files in my DAQFactory installation directory, DAQFactory now crashes a couple seconds after launching. My first question is what's the best way to write channel data to DAQFactory from a Windows Application running on the same machine. If it's to use the DDE client capability, any thoughts as to why it's crashing? Does DAQFactory generate a runtime log file?
  6. There’s no USB hub. It’s plugged directly into the desktop.
  7. The LabJack is connected over USB
  8. I'm running into a weird issue where I cannot delete any ports in the list of Serial Ports in the Ethernet/Serial Device dialog. Also, clicking the configure button does nothing where normally it opens the configuration dialog.
  9. That was the issue. Two questions: 1 - How do I have empty channels? I know for a fact that these channels had data in them during our test. 2 - What's actually happening in my sequence when empty data is encountered? Thanks!
  10. Some of the channels are empty and it will be off for the entire column.
  11. Thank you for your prompt response! I'm doing the export because we forgot to start logging and I'd like to recover our test data into a log file. No data is coming in while I'm running the sequence. This is all being done post test. What I don't understand is how some of the channel data is different for the same channel and the same historical data index. For example, we have a channel called 'Rail_12V'. If I generate a new CSV string using all of the 150 channels. Rail_12V = 0.612 (not correct). However, if run the same sequence, but move the starting index from 0 to 70. 'Rail_12V' now equals 11.956 (correct). If I access Rail_12V using the same historical index it equals 11.956. Literally, everything is the same except the starting channel index. I should not that it's not just Rail_12V that's getting corrupted, but the corrupted channels are always deep into the channel index.
  12. I'm seeing some really weird behavior on the export. We have a lot of channels (150+) and the data is stored in persistent files. If I export a single row, but all of the channels at once the channel data is getting corrupted around 75 channels in. If I look at the data in DAQFactory, it looks fine. If I remove the first 70 channels from the export, the channel data is fine, but gets corrupted again 30 channels in. When I say corrupted I mean that the channel data is incorrect and implausible for that channel. Any thoughts of what might be going on? Anything I can do to debug this? Here's my export sequence: Private.handle = File.Open("C:\Users\Rob\Desktop\export_test\m62_export1.txt", 0, 1, 0, 1) Private.i = 0 Private.j = 0 Private string strLine = "" // Get the channel names and write the CSV header Private string channelNames = Channel.ListAll() Private numChannelNames = NumRows(channelNames) strLine = "SystemTime" for(i = 0, i < numChannelNames, i++) strLine += "," + channelNames[i] endfor File.Write(Private.handle, strLine); Private numHistoryPoints = Evaluate(channelNames[0] +".GetHistoryCount()") for(i = numHistoryPoints-1, i >= 0, i--) strLine = FormatDateTime("%c", Evaluate(channelNames[0] +".Time[i]")) for(j = 0, j < numChannelNames, j++) strLine += "," + DoubleToStr(Evaluate(channelNames[j] + "[i]")) endfor File.Write(Private.handle, strLine) delay(.1) endfor File.Close(Private.handle)
  13. Never mind. I just discovered the 'Evaluate' method. Very useful!
  14. Is there a way to programatically read channel data without knowing the name of the channel? I'd like to do the following, but instead of hard typing the channel name, use the Channel.ListAll to get the channel names and iterate over that list to get each channel's data. for(i=Left_Pump_Speed.GetHistoryCount()-1, i > 0 , i--) Private.strLine = FormatDateTime("%c", Left_Pump_Speed.Time[i]) + "," Private.strLine += DoubleToStr(Left_Pump_Speed[i]) + "," File.Write(Private.handle, strLine); delay(.1) endfor
  15. We've tried resetting the GUI side and the only thing that appears to help, albeit temporarily, is restarting DAQFactory. This is a highly spec'd machine that should be able to handle these tasks with ease so I'm very surprised it's not able to. During our next run I'll monitor the Task Manager to attempt to get more information.