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  1. Hi this is as close as I could get. I have 2 copies of a program using a U3-HV to read 0-5V signal from Mass Flow Controllers (MFC). The first sets Test Channels to Update the LJ_TickDACs the second removed the test channels and sets them to Variables. Loading the first program doing nothing it reads the channels close to 0V. Loading the second program reads about 32000V. Close one, open the other always the same readings populating the tables and about the same sort of Jitter (same amplitude) on the channel graphs. Why would I gets such an unreasonable response. I assume it is some sort of Binary number, but why? Cheers Jim PGM ReadError.docx
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    Reserved Word Warning

    Hi, I worked the problem to see the problem which was being masked by other errors. Yes it does freeze but only for Switch/Case seen in version 2 attached. Also showed me where to look to see. [Notes within] TimeAsVarName2.ctl