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  1. TheNovice

    Markers text location and font

    I'll try your suggestions. Also, I am displaying 4 graphs on a page. It would be great If I can save each graph as a image or a pdf, by doing right click and export. Is there any way to achieve it.
  2. TheNovice

    Markers text location and font

    Is there any way we can change the text location of the marker's information. Currently when we place a marker on a graph the information sits in the bottom left side of the graph. Can we enlarge that text? as it has very tiny font size. I was also trying to remove the marker via code: eg- component.graph1.MarkerA_Valid = 0 , but I dont think we can remove marker via code. Is there any way to do it? Also, When I provide bottom axis with date & time value, ranging multiple days, it displays some garbage value in the bottom left corner of the graph, which keeps on constantly updating(garbage value) by itself, just like a slideshow. I can send you more info if you require. Thanks!! Here's a summary of questions: Removing Markers on graph via code. Enlarging font of markers description which is displayed at the bottom of the graph and also changing its location. Changing font size for values inside of dropdown Combo List. While using Date-time picker, option to make time as either start or end of the day selected. Thaw all axis, instead of x and yfrozen for graph via code. Also, I tried printing graph and then saving it at a specific location, but when I click browse to select a path, the Daqfactory file crashes.
  3. Is there any way I can change the font size of the values in dropdown list and large size date picker in datetime component on UI. EDIT: I was able to change font size and datepicker UI size. Can I do same for dropdown.
  4. TheNovice

    Asking password before setting a component

    I missed your comment. I'll email you right away. Thanks!!
  5. Hi, 1. I am using edit box component and I am using OnChange event to ask password which is working fine. But I was testing the same by creating local channel and I found out that the value is set on the click of the set button instantly, which means asking password and stuff makes no sense as the value is already set. Is there any way or event which I can run before the channel is set via edit box? 2. I can do it other way around if I had like 2 or 3 edit box component in my file, but I have like 50 edit boxes and I just want to find a uniform way of doing it instead of writing 50 different events. Also, I can't wait till January update, or else I could have used 'this' keyword thing. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  6. HI, This might be a stupid question. I having multiple channels in daqfactory file, which reads and write to KEP server via opc connection. Currently I am using Edit box component to set value to those channels which eventually writes to Kep server. So, if i try to write a channel eg: Blower(Channel name) = 1(value) via Daqfactory sequence or component event will it still perform the same as edit box and write to kep server? Let me know if the question is not clear. Thanks!!
  7. Hi, Is there any way I can write an OnLoad event for multiple Edit Box component? I believe I can do that by assigning same name to all Edit Box Component but I have to have unique name for each of those components. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  8. TheNovice

    User Graph Interaction

    Hi, I was working with graphs and I came to know that when in runtime when hold ctrl key we can move graph and zoom in and out with mouse click. Is there any way to restrict that and show graph as plain static image type. Thanks.
  9. TheNovice

    Thaw and Freeze Graph using code

    Perfect, Thanks for the quick reply.
  10. TheNovice

    Thaw and Freeze Graph using code

    Hi, Is there any way we can Thaw and Freeze graph using code. Eg.: component.graph.Freeze() and component.graph.Thaw() Thanks.
  11. TheNovice

    Asking password before setting a component

    Would love to try that! Thanks.
  12. TheNovice

    Asking password before setting a component

    I have already implemented it using OnChange event. I'll try to do everything in a pop up as said in the link with some valid reasons, thanks for the link. Also, I would like to know, is there anything similar to 'this' keyword in Daqfactory? because it can help to keep the code clean while writing a function similar to this.
  13. I am using an Edit Box Component and on click of Set button I want some script to run where I can ask for password, match the password and then set the channel value. I can do it by just providing a normal text box and separate button which will run the action, it is more work as I have many Edit boxes where I want to implement something like that. Also one more problem with that is by using system.EntryDialog I can ask for password but it displays plain string and not '***', is there any way to make text in EntryDialog to be password type ('***'). Or, Is there any other efficient way to do the whole process which I am trying to do because I have multiple set components. Thanks.
  14. TheNovice

    Daqfacotry says file is corrupted

    Thank you for your response. I have emailed you the file.