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  1. I was able to connect fine using different PC on different network. So it seems some networking and firewall thing. Thanks and Sorry to bother
  2. I am trying to establish MS SQL Server connection to Databse on Microsoft Azure, I am using the same connection string which I normally use to connect to local MS SQL Server DB. Can you have a look and help if I need to change any part of the connection string as it is on Azure Cloud. global string Con_Str = "Driver={SQL Server};;Database=SCADA_DB;Uid=UserOne;Pwd=UserPass" global conn= db.OpenEx(Con_Str) Thanks in advance.
  3. TheNovice

    Can't find function - Weird Error

    Interesting and good to know! I'll keep that in mind now. Thank you so much for your help was banging my head since past 2 days, trying different things. Thanks again!!
  4. TheNovice

    Can't find function - Weird Error

    Damn, never noticed that, but I had same name previously. Thanks. Also, I have had multiple functions inside the same sequence, and it has worked fine, any tips about naming sequence/function when having multiple function in same sequence? Thanks again.
  5. Hi, I have been using Daqfactory for quite a while now. Are there some changes lately? Today I was creating a simple new file to collect data and push it to sql server, and I noticed I am not able to run even simple function which I use to use previously. So I created a new file added a sequence(TempSeq) created a Temp Function as: Function TempFn() ?"abcd" Private string TempName = "ab" ?TempName EndFunction Apply, Compiled and saved the file.* When I try to run the function using command TempFn()/?TempFn() it say channel or function not found. The above same issue is happening with all my functions I am creating since yesterday. I am pretty much doing the same thing which we use to do always, but seems there is some weird problem since past couple days. Is there anything I am missing? Thanks!
  6. TheNovice

    Channel reading issues

    I have a project with multiple modbus channels. I have timings and events for those channels, while I monitor, I can see Tx and Rx for all the modbus ID's but the channel is not reading thus not collecting data, not executing event code as well as the UI component displaying that channel is not getting updated, until I force read it using'channel_X'). I am facing the same issue with 2 recent project. I am currently using a sequence with While loop to Force read all the channels. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!!
  7. TheNovice

    Document Licensing

    Thanks for the info, I'll get back to you in any case we need to do that.
  8. TheNovice

    Document Licensing

    I have a document which says the document license is expired. I want to remove that document licensing, but I don't remember the password for it Is there any way to remove the licensing from the file? As I am not able to edit the file on another PC even after having a developer USB key inserted into the system.
  9. TheNovice

    Markers text location and font

    I'll try that. Thanks!
  10. TheNovice

    Markers text location and font

    Sorry, but I was talking about, how can I view a page pro-grammatically for a second. Can you provide a hint or a sample code. Also, I thought of making a duplicate page, seprate from the UI and then printing that page, but the problem there would be, I wont be able to replicate the markers, panning, zooming on the duplicate page before printing. Is there any way I can do that?
  11. TheNovice

    Markers text location and font

    I was unable to edit the above comment. If I do page.printPDF("Page0","abc.pdf",8.5,11). Where will the file be saved? Also, while doing printPDDF or printPreview can I select a specific part of page to be printed or saved as pdf? How would I view a page via code? can I have a sample code line for that please. Thanks.
  12. TheNovice

    Markers text location and font

    I'll try your suggestions. Also, I am displaying 4 graphs on a page. It would be great If I can save each graph as a image or a pdf, by doing right click and export. Is there any way to achieve it.
  13. TheNovice

    Markers text location and font

    Is there any way we can change the text location of the marker's information. Currently when we place a marker on a graph the information sits in the bottom left side of the graph. Can we enlarge that text? as it has very tiny font size. I was also trying to remove the marker via code: eg- component.graph1.MarkerA_Valid = 0 , but I dont think we can remove marker via code. Is there any way to do it? Also, When I provide bottom axis with date & time value, ranging multiple days, it displays some garbage value in the bottom left corner of the graph, which keeps on constantly updating(garbage value) by itself, just like a slideshow. I can send you more info if you require. Thanks!! Here's a summary of questions: Removing Markers on graph via code. Enlarging font of markers description which is displayed at the bottom of the graph and also changing its location. Changing font size for values inside of dropdown Combo List. While using Date-time picker, option to make time as either start or end of the day selected. Thaw all axis, instead of x and yfrozen for graph via code. Also, I tried printing graph and then saving it at a specific location, but when I click browse to select a path, the Daqfactory file crashes.
  14. Is there any way I can change the font size of the values in dropdown list and large size date picker in datetime component on UI. EDIT: I was able to change font size and datepicker UI size. Can I do same for dropdown.
  15. TheNovice

    Asking password before setting a component

    I missed your comment. I'll email you right away. Thanks!!