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    On Send Protocol Help

    Hi, I'm using DAQFactory to control an HPLC pump. I wrote a two separate I/O types (that use the polling function) to get the flow rate and pressure into channels to monitor these parameters. The I/O for one of them is below. This seems to be working. device.HPLC_Pump_A.Purge() private string A =device.HPLC_Pump_A.Poll("CC",47) private string B = remove(A,"/") private string C = parse(B,2,",") private Pump_A_FR = StrToDouble(C)"HPLC_Pump_A",1,"GetFlowRate",2,Pump_A_FR) I'm worried that when I send the pumps a command (for instance to start the pump, change the flow rate, or ask for other information), if I'm unlucky with the timing, the command will get purged due to purge I put in the monitoring of the flow rate and pressure. Is there something I can add to the On Send or On Receive to make sure that my commands will make it through? Or should I remove the purge from the I/O type? Thanks
  2. BrianYao

    Buttons Sticking

    Hi. I'm getting a weird bug in DAQFactory where after I generate a report, the mouse does not work correctly. When I left click on a button or variable value, the mouse down occurs but gets stuck and doesn't go back up when I let go of left click. The action is not performed. If I move the mouse away from the button or variable value while it is stuck on the mouse down, it will goes back up but the action is not performed. My buttons that have a mouse up and mouse down action work fine (except that I have to move my mouse away from the button for the mouse up rather than just letting go of left click). Also, if I use the control button to highlight a group of objects while this bug is happening, the highlight box never goes away and will move with my mouse (as if the left click is stuck on mouse down). One workaround I found was that if I left click on a button while holding control to select it, I can then right click on it to select the "Do Action" tab to use the button but this only works in developer mode. Also, in any popups opened using the workaround, clicking buttons and variable values work fine. However, if I exit out of the popup, the bug continues to occur. The button that generates a report uses a quick sequence with the following code- page.capture("Example",Example_filepath+ ".jpeg",900,950) delay(0.5) component.Example_repport.LoadJPEG(Example_filepath + ".jpeg") page.Example_Report.PopupModeless() page.Example_Report_Generate.ClosePopup() For some context, the button that generates the report is on the Example_Report_Generate page, which is opened as a model popup by a previous button.