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    Multiple serial ports open

    Hi. Thanks for the response. I was going to send you a copy of my code, after reproducing the error but now it seems to work fine! I don't know what I did differently, but I'm able to open separate COM ports on the same DAQFactory project. Simone
  2. sagha

    Multiple serial ports open

    Hi. The problem I'm seeing is this: I have two devices plugged into USB ports of my computer that are acting as serial ports, device A and device B. Device A connects as COM2 (for example) and device B connects as COM3. In my DAQFactory project, I make one device called mydeviceA and assign it to COM2. I make a second device, mydeviceB and assign it to COM3. When I go back to the menu settings for mydeviceA (to look at the raw serial stream, for example), I see that it has also been assigned to COM3. What I would like is for mydeviceA to read/write the stream from COM2 and mydeviceB to read/write the stream from COM3 all from the same project. Thanks.
  3. In my project, I'd like to read the serial streams of more than one serial COM port at a time. I tried to make two separate serial objects in the device configuration, but I cannot open more than one at time. Is it possible to open two COM ports in DAQFactory in one project simultaneously?
  4. Thanks for the response! I've implemented the telemetry parsing as you specified and it works well.
  5. Hello. I have a question on how to best parse messages of comma-separated values from a serial port. My system has a variable number of devices that each have a high-side (H) and low-side (L) component. Each message sent over the serial port is a comma-separated telemetry string for a single high-side or low-side component. I would like to take each telemetry string and display the data to the user so that high-side and low-side pairs are displayed on a single page together. I would also like to save data both as history and persist. Below is the format of a single telemetry message: SOF,<address>,<high=1/low=0>,<paired device address>,<value 0>,<value 1>,...,<value N>,EOF So, a sequence of telemetry messages for a system with two devices would look like: SOF,H1_ADDR,1,L1_ADDR,...,EOF SOF,L1_ADDR,0,H1_ADDR,...,EOF SOF,H2_ADDR,1,L2_ADDR,...,EOF SOF,L2_ADDR,0,H2_ADDR,...,EOF Because of the design of the system, devices can be added or removed at any time and so new devices must be detected (up to a maximum M number of devices). The system can be running an arbitrary amount of time before opening DAQFactory. And, if DAQFactory is closed and reopened during the lifetime of the system, the telemetry data must be appended to the correct persist arrays. What is a reasonable way of parsing this data and displaying it? Is it possible to make all of the channels ahead of time and then somehow assign each component address to block of channels at runtime? Thanks.
  6. I'm getting a "C1038 Timing lag, data acquisition stalled." error on my LabJack channels. I have 4 LabJack channels configured as A to D and every few minutes, the C1038 error occurs. The DAQFactory project hangs (the cursor turns into the blue circle and then the project screen goes blank). I tried increasing my sampling time from 1 to 10 seconds and I am still seeing the same problem. I see the timing error on all four of my LabJack channels. The other channels in my project are the result of parsing a string read over UART that is received every 1 second. I've attached a screenshot of the Command/Alert console and my channel configuration.