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    Logging data from a Table

    Hi, I have a large table which gets values from a big 2 dimensional array, however this array is not a channel, and I am struggling to work out how I would be able to log the contents of this array. Looking through the usermanual, it only seems to mention the possibility of logging channels? Is there a way to simply store the array contents in a tab/comma delimited file? Cheers
  2. Hi, so i have a big table which will store hundreds of records. When i populate the table with all the data, the slider to scroll up and down is barely big enough to even click with a mouse. The main issue is that I will be planning on running DAQfactory on a small 7inch touch screen display, and i don't believe it will be possible to click the tiny slider in order to scroll up and down the table. Is it possible to resize the slider so its actually usable? I couldnt find anything in the userguide in section - Table Component. Cheers, Ben
  3. pearsonben98

    Modbus write multiple registers

    Hi, thanks for the advice, this works properly now. However, is there a maximum sized array that can be passed to the datapoints field? I currently have a datapoints array with 32 addresses, but i need to write: device.myDevice.setRegisterS16(station, starting_address, data[0,16]) device.myDevice.setRegisterS16(station, starting_address, data[17,31]) I am unable to simply do device.myDevice.setRegisterS16(station, starting_address, data). Cheers, Ben
  4. Hi, is it possible to write to multiple holding registers at once, kind of in the same way you can read from multiple registers at the same time? for example, device.mydevice.readHolding32(Station, starting address, datapoints) where datapoints decides how many registers you read from. Is it possible to achieve a similar thing with the write function, such as passing an array containing all values to be added to each register? Currently I am having to write "device.mydevice.writeholding32(station, starting address, data) multiple times. Cheers, Ben