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  1. Hello, I have been running Emotron VFD trough modbus with DAQFactory. All the basic reading and writing is working just fine. Now I´m having a problem converting Emotron floating point format to correct decimal values. I can read the value from 0 to 32767 with the U16 format but after that I don´t know how to continue reading the value. I need to read this value from 0 to 200000. Can I make this work trough "channels" ? Part of the Emotron manual attached. emotron.pdf
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    Emotron floating point format & Modbus

    Thank you for the info. I was wondering that could you make me an example script to start the experimenting. Channel name = shaft_power Device type = Tamu1 D# = 1 Channel = 1004 I need the read the channel in standard 16 bit format and when I hit the 32767 (111111111111111) value I need to start the calculating after that. Is this correct?