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    Date time component

    Forgive me, I'm still a bit lost. How would i use this with the date time component? The one that appears as a calendar with the time? One component for start date/time and another for end date/time
  2. Zerout23

    Date time component

    I also forgot to mention that another register is used to enable the schedule so i would like to set a toggle switch of some sort to: 1. toggle enable or disable (00 or 01) 2. When enabled it will send the schedule command to set all registers like 01 2019 11 06 22 30 00 2019 11 08 09 00 00 (i.e. schedule set from Nov 6, 19 10:30pm to Nov 8, 19 9am)
  3. Zerout23

    Date time component

    Yes each would be different registers(unsigned 32 bit). So for start it would be the first 6 registers and the end would be another 6 registers.
  4. Zerout23

    Date time component

    The expected format is year, month, day, hour(24), min, sec. Example: 2019 11 06 22 30 00
  5. Zerout23

    Date time component

    Hello so i am completely new to Daqfactory and even newer to programming so forgive me if i don't use the right terminology. I have a serial device that uses the modbus protocol. I want to create an interface where a user enters a start date and time to schedule a routine using the date time component. In order to do this on my device i need to set multiple registers (i.e. start date, start time, end date, end time) so how can i go about setting multiple registers using the date time component? Appreciate the help and feedback. Thank you.