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    convert variable value using user entered data

    oh ok cool. I'm trying to keep them at the same x,y postions so i will have 1 variable value component (A) on top of the other (V). do you recommend I do it this way? only reason is because i'm limited in space. When in edit mode is there a way to make the invisible components appear (in case if i forget they're invisible in the future)? I really appreciate all the help you've given
  2. Zerout23

    Display UTC Time

    I am able to display the time using a variable value component and using the expression FormatDateTime("%c",SysTime()) which displays the current system time but I would rather have the current UTC time displayed instead. Is it possible to do this considering the application would be used in different timezones? i.e. want it to display UTC time no matter where the program is opened around the world. Thank you.
  3. Zerout23

    convert variable value using user entered data

    That would make the value change to volts but the units label does not change from Amps to Volts that's more what i would want to do. i guess if they enter 1 as the ohms (or default as 1) the units will show as volts but when they put a value other than 1 I would want it to change to Amps.
  4. Zerout23

    Select RTU or TCP/IP

    Hello, Is there a way where I can have a user select whether they want to connect to a single device using either RTU or TCP/IP. Currently I have a Button Component with the sequence device.MyDevice.ConfigureComm() However, this only allows the user to configure the device using the protocol that I preconfigure. I would want them to select whether they want to connect using a serial or ethernet connection.
  5. Zerout23

    convert variable value using user entered data

    Thanks! this can work. One thing that I didn't mention was that if the user does not enter resistance data I would still want to display the voltage value of the channel. So using your example I now have 3 variable value components rather than 2. is it possible to have the one switch from Volts to Amps? Thank you again!
  6. I have a variable value component that displays a channel's value (input register). I set the variable value component's units to Volts. What I want to accomplish is have an edit box where a user can enter a numeric value (in this case it would be a resistance value) and I want to read that value and use it to update the Variable value to it's new converted value with the units changed as well (Amps). 1. Variable value component (V) example: 12.00 V 2. User enters numeric data (ohms) into edit box read entered data calculate new variable value ( I = V/R) example: user enters 100 ohms; calculate 12/100 = 0.12 3. update variable value component to display new converted value (A) example: 12.00 V ---> 0.12 A Hopefully this makes sense and I would think it would be something simple to accomplish but I just can't figure it out yet.
  7. Zerout23

    Date time component

    Forgive me, I'm still a bit lost. How would i use this with the date time component? The one that appears as a calendar with the time? One component for start date/time and another for end date/time
  8. Zerout23

    Date time component

    I also forgot to mention that another register is used to enable the schedule so i would like to set a toggle switch of some sort to: 1. toggle enable or disable (00 or 01) 2. When enabled it will send the schedule command to set all registers like 01 2019 11 06 22 30 00 2019 11 08 09 00 00 (i.e. schedule set from Nov 6, 19 10:30pm to Nov 8, 19 9am)
  9. Zerout23

    Date time component

    Yes each would be different registers(unsigned 32 bit). So for start it would be the first 6 registers and the end would be another 6 registers.
  10. Zerout23

    Date time component

    The expected format is year, month, day, hour(24), min, sec. Example: 2019 11 06 22 30 00
  11. Zerout23

    Date time component

    Hello so i am completely new to Daqfactory and even newer to programming so forgive me if i don't use the right terminology. I have a serial device that uses the modbus protocol. I want to create an interface where a user enters a start date and time to schedule a routine using the date time component. In order to do this on my device i need to set multiple registers (i.e. start date, start time, end date, end time) so how can i go about setting multiple registers using the date time component? Appreciate the help and feedback. Thank you.