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  1. Sorry was totally overthinking that cheers.
  2. Hi, I'm trying to get the average of 5 channels as 1 average for all. How would i go about that?
  3. Daggos

    Alarming After A Set Time

    Ok after testing this seems to be working such an easy fix, thanks.
  4. Daggos

    Alarming After A Set Time

    Thanks for your reply i will test the alarm.paused but will that not just delay the alarm going off when you set alarm.paused back to 0 My alarm is for a pump min(TestBit(miri_16_Digital_in,7)[systime(), systime() - 60]) > 0 So if its off for 60 secs then alarm. Once i unpause will the alarms wait the full 60 secs?
  5. Daggos

    Alarming After A Set Time

    Hi, Is there a way to make it not alarm on DAQFactory start. I have DaqFactory process restart schedule and sometimes one startup it alarms why say a pump is off waiting for water.
  6. Daggos

    Graphing Global Variable

    Thanks for that, working now but i was actually trying to make it work with an average. the below fails with improper number of parameters. flowdiff5.addValue(insertTime(mean(Pond9_Flow [0,1800]) - mean(PS_1_Flow_Outlet [0,1800])),systime(),0) but this works without the systime do i need it ? while(1) delay (2) flowdiff5.addValue(mean(Pond9_Flow [0,1800]) - mean(PS_1_Flow_Outlet [0,1800])) delay (2) endwhile Thanks for your help.
  7. Daggos

    Graphing Global Variable

    Hi Im trying to Graph a global variable, can this be done, not sure as it doesn't have any history only current value. Global flowdiff = (Pond1_5_Flow[0]+Pond6_Flow[0]+Pond8_Flow[0]+Pond9_Flow[0]) - (PS_1_Flow_Outlet [0])
  8. Daggos

    ODBC Database alarm logging

    Hi, I cant get the date to work when logging alarms to database im using mariadb mysql this is what i get 0000-00-00 test Test;Test; 4 F with the logging sets i have set Custom Time Formatting to %Y%m%d%H%M%S , but i cant do that with alarms. -- -- Table structure for table `alarmlog` -- CREATE TABLE `alarmlog` ( `TheTime` date DEFAULT NULL, `Name` text DEFAULT NULL, `Description` text DEFAULT NULL, `Priority` tinytext DEFAULT NULL, `Status` tinytext DEFAULT NULL ) ENGINE=InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8mb4; COMMIT;
  9. Thanks I managed to get it working with system.remotefull.GetHistory("HV_Power_Active", 0, 3600) remotefull being a full stream connection as it wont work with the lite stream. Also when i set the 3000 to 10,000 it downloads clearly from the persistence data and displays on remote version for a second or 2 then goes back to just 3600. (When i did this server HV_Power_Active history was set at 3600) So 3600 data points is good alot better than none. I guess if there is a way for me to save the data to persistence on the remote that would be good. I also change the history length for HV_Power_Active on the server to 10,000 so i can load up 10,000 points on the remote copy and it stays.
  10. I have a chart with expression HV_Power_Active [0, 3000] on the runtime copy
  11. Thanks, I have made a sequence on the remote pc with remotelite.GetHistory(HV_Power_Active, 0, 3000) But it isn't working, remote connection is called remotelite. I'm running on a non full stream
  12. Thanks have added to a sequence on start remotelite.GetHistory(HV_Power_Active, startTime, endTime) How would i use the start time and end time i figured with SysTime() for end time. I cant just put how many points i want?
  13. Sorry yes a remote copy runtime license
  14. Hi, Q1) With the remote license is there a way for it to use the persist file from the server? Remote will only show history of the time that its been running and way to use local persist files. Q2) If i cant use the persist files from the server can i make the remote use local save persist?
  15. 1 other thing how would i make New values in Bold text semail.strBody = "New values: " + CRLF