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  1. Tried removing passwords still seems to be doing it. not sure what else to try. It works when i add the connection so its connecting and accessing data. But after save no good.
  2. ok i will give that a go once i get back to work.
  3. Yes i have password on both streams different passwords. Also yes they are both running 18.1
  4. yer comes up with invalid packets in the command window on DAQ every time i start. If i reset the connection it still wont work i have to delete the connection and add another.
  5. Also i have disabled the Firewall on the server to test that.
  6. OK i have loaded runtime license onto the new device and still have same issue. only way i can get remote to work is delete the connection add a new connection then reset the connection. This works all data displays. then i save restart and nothing just invalid network packets. Using 18.1 build 2347
  7. LOL should have tried the old off and on again cheers mate. Works fine now
  8. Still struggling. I have changed the line to global string pingIPs = {"", "", ""} changed the single quotes to double. still getting Thanks for your help
  9. Thanks for that but the folder isn't the DAQ install folder i just created that folder for this script. the file is being created as intended but all that shows up is. Pinging with 32 bytes of data: Request timed out. Request timed out. Request timed out. The problem is as you can see from my sequence that isn't the ip i have listed global pingIPs = {'', '', ''}
  10. Thanks for reply but these are my sequences below function checkPing(string ip, string path) system.ShellExecute("cmd","",'/C "ping ' + ip + " > " + path, "", "hide") delay(5) private h = file.Open(path,1,0,0,0) private string data = file.Read(h, file.GetLength(h)) file.Close(h) return(find(data,"TTL=",0) != -1) global pingIPs = {'', '', ''} global pingState = fill(0, numrows(pingIPs)) while(1) try for (private i = 0, i < numrows(pingIPs), i++) pingState = checkPing(pingIps, "d:\DAQFACTORY\probe2") delay(0.1) endfor catch() ? strLastError delay(0.1) endcatch endwhile
  11. Pinging with 32 bytes of data: Request timed out. Request timed out. Request timed out. That's all i get in the file
  12. Hi I have been trying to test remote connections to my development DAQ on the same LAN with mixed results. If i add the remote connection details it will work with all channels lighting up but when i save and reopen it wont connect with error Invalid Network Packet. I have repeated this a few times. The remote connection is a trial pro i have 3 runtime licenses as well but are installed on other machines i want to test that the remotes work as i am hoping they do then buy more runtime licenses.
  13. Daggos

    Alarm table filter

    Thanks that works perfectly.
  14. Daggos

    Alarm table filter

    Hi I have found this script for displaying alarms in a table which is working perfectly but i would like to also filter the rows out by group as well. This is the sequence ======================================================== Global ALARM_DISPLAY_MANAGER_RUN_TIME private ALARM_DISPLAY_MANAGER_RUN_TIME_START Global Alm_Activos Global Alm_ActivosNum Global string AlmDateFormat = "%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S" Global NumRowsTodos_Alm = 0 private Alm_Activos_NSort private Alm_NActivos_NSort private string Todos_Alm private string strAlmIter private AlmIter private iter = 0 private i = 0 private k = 0 private n = 0 private string m private sort = 0 class Alm local string AlmName local AlmFired local AlmAck local AlmPriority local AlmTimeFired local string strAlmDesc local string strAlmTimeFired local string AlmEstado local string strAlmDescArray function CopyFrom(string obfrom) AlmName = obfrom Execute("AlmFired = Alarm."+AlmName+".Fired") Execute("AlmAck = Alarm."+AlmName+".Acked") Execute("AlmPriority = Alarm."+AlmName+".Priority") endfunction function ParseEstado() Execute("AlmTimeFired = Alarm."+AlmName+".TimeFired") Execute("strAlmDesc = Alarm."+AlmName+".strDescription") strAlmTimeFired = FormatDateTime(AlmDateFormat,AlmTimeFired) strAlmDescArray = Parse(strAlmDesc,-1,";") if(AlmFired) AlmEstado = "Alarming" else AlmEstado = "Reset" endif endfunction endclass Todos_Alm = Alarm.ListAll() while(1) try() ALARM_DISPLAY_MANAGER_RUN_TIME_START = systime() Alm_Activos_NSort.ClearHistory() Alm_NActivos_NSort.ClearHistory() if(NumRows(Todos_Alm)!=NumRowsTodos_Alm) Todos_Alm = Alarm.ListAll() endif NumRowsTodos_Alm = NumRows(Todos_Alm) iter = 0 while (iter<NumRowsTodos_Alm) strAlmIter = Todos_Alm[iter] AlmIter = new(Alm) AlmIter.CopyFrom(strAlmIter) if(AlmIter.AlmPriority==4 && (AlmIter.AlmFired || (!AlmIter.AlmFired && !AlmIter.AlmAck))) AlmIter.ParseEstado() if(AlmIter.AlmFired) Alm_Activos_NSort.Append(AlmIter) else Alm_NActivos_NSort.Append(AlmIter) endif endif iter=iter+1 endwhile sort = 0 if(sort == 1) n = NumRows(Alm_Activos_NSort) for( i = 1,i<n,i++) for (k = i, k > 0 && (Alm_Activos_NSort[k].AlmTimeFired > Alm_Activos_NSort[k-1].AlmTimeFired), k--) m = Alm_Activos_NSort[k-1] Alm_Activos_NSort[k-1]=Alm_Activos_NSort[k] Alm_Activos_NSort[k] = m endfor endfor n = NumRows(Alm_NActivos_NSort) for( i = 1,i<n,i++) for (k = i, k > 0 && (Alm_NActivos_NSort[k].AlmTimeFired > Alm_NActivos_NSort[k-1].AlmTimeFired), k--) m = Alm_NActivos_NSort[k-1] Alm_NActivos_NSort[k-1]=Alm_NActivos_NSort[k] Alm_NActivos_NSort[k] = m endfor endfor endif n = NumRows(Alm_NActivos_NSort) for( i = 0,i<n-1,i++) Alm_Activos_NSort.Append(Alm_NActivos_NSort) endfor Alm_Activos = Alm_Activos_NSort Alm_ActivosNum = NumRows(Alm_Activos) ALARM_DISPLAY_MANAGER_RUN_TIME = systime() - ALARM_DISPLAY_MANAGER_RUN_TIME_START catch() endcatch() delay(1) endwhile ================== Below are the table components Alm_Activos.strAlmTimeFired Alm_Activos.strAlmDescArray[0] Alm_Activos.strAlmDescArray[1] Alm_Activos.AlmEstado ======================== to display the group in separate column alarm description is as follows Pump Station 2; L1 ELR Alarm; or Pump Station 1; L1 ELR Alarm; ====================== So in the tables i want to only display group Pump Station 1 and a different table for Pump Station 2 Thanks for any help im hoping its a simple extra if statement