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    popup window

    good morning I am developing an HMI where you want to open a popup window to select manual or automatic for the actions of the actuators. How can I make the popup window? Thank you
  2. YamidP


    good afternoon I would like to know if the Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1.x antivirus can have problems with daqfactory or what are the antivirus compatible with daqfactory
  3. YamidP

    log errors

    Hello everyone I need to record the errors that DAQfactory reports in a plain text or file where an error history is displayed Does daqfactory generate an error log file? but how can I create that file? Thank you
  4. YamidP

    antivirus compatible

    Hello, I would like to know which antivirus is compatible with daqfactory? since I have been presented with malfunctions with different antivirus thanks
  5. YamidP

    X-Axis Error datetime

    Hello, Guru, I got it right. The data sets are: Y-axis = test.Milltm determined by the following consultation global test = db.QueryToClass(dbase, "SELECT Millitm FROM [Tecnofar_CIP]. [dbo]. [FloatTable_CIP_Globales] ORDER BY DateAndTime asc") X-axis = test.Time or "Time the image shows the configuration. is this configuration correct?
  6. YamidP

    X-Axis Error datetime

    Good night, everyone I'm currently working on a project where I want to graph data vs time (2D graph). The data (Y axis) and time (X axis) is collected through SQL queries. The time data in the database is of datetime type, however, DAQFactory shows it in other values (see image ) What should I do to have the same type of data in DAQFactory? what kind of time data does daqfactory support? thank you
  7. YamidP

    OPC Server / Client

    What DCOM configuration do you recommend for the client and server?
  8. YamidP

    OPC Server / Client

    hello, everyone I am currently working on a server/client OPC communication project. The scenario is described in the image arq.jpg, however, when I go to select the OPC server tags (RSLinx Classic Gateway) I get the error in the image error.jpg NOTA: la configuraciĆ³n de seguridad DCOM se realizo como se describe aqui : https://www.softwaretoolbox.com/dcom/html/dcom_for_windows_7-_10-_-_server_2008r2.html How can I solve it? thanks you
  9. Hello, everybody. I am currently working on a production data record in a database (SQL Server), however, there is an error in the command "db.Execute()" in the sequence shown in the attached image. How can I solve the error ? NOTE: I work with: DAQFactory 16.2 , SQL Server 2014
  10. Hello I'm currently working on a communication architecture OPC Server (RSlinx Gateway or MatrikonOPC driver Rockwell in virtual machine) / Client (DAQFactory Host) through a local LAN, there is communication between the host and the virtual machine (check with PING, firewall are off), however, DAQFactory does not show the computer where the OPCServer is (fig1). How can I solve the problem? NOTE: I haven't done the DCOM security configuration, but I understand that the name of the computer must appear in the OPC selection tree