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  1. I AM USING AZEOTECH SCADA V16.3. I AM CONNECTING 4 NOS OF PLCS. WHILE I AM NOT CONNECTED WITH ANYONE PLC THE SCADA SOFTWARE IS HANGGING TOO MUCH. SO THAT I HAVE WRITTEN THE BELOW SCRIPT. while(1) if (device.PLC1.Connected) device.plc1.ClearBypass() else device.plc1.SetBypass() endif if (device.plc2.Connected) device.plc2.ClearBypass() else device.plc2.SetBypass() endif if (device.plc3.Connected) device.plc3.ClearBypass() else device.plc3.SetBypass() endif if (device.plc4.Connected) device.plc4.ClearBypass() else device.plc4.SetBypass() endif endwhile THE ABOVE SCRIPT IS ON AUTO START MODE. ISSUE IS WHEN I AM DISCONNECTING THE NO.1 PLC(PLC1) THE SCADA APP CRASHES AFTER 20-30SECONDS. AND THE ERROR CODE IS AS BELOW. RESOLUTION NEDDED IS:- IF I WANT TO CONNECT 4 PLCS THEN WHAT IS THE CODE I HAVE TO PUT.(WHICH WILL NOT CAUSE SCADA HANGGING ISSUE OR APP CRASH.)
  2. I have a database and i am able to read write the data in tables of database. Now i want all tables name in DAQFactory. so, how to get table name in String Channel using sql query? Following query i try but not work qr = db.Query(dbase,"SELECT name FROM sys.Tables")