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  1. I have a diagram on which pressure is plotted against time and I would need to draw vertical lines on the same diagram when certain events take place. What is the cheapest way of this? Thank you in advance! Hoyer
  2. Hi, I would like to write data into a txt file every time a given event occurs, which I would like to investigate later. So I want new data to be written into the same txt file, into a new row without overwriting previous data. How can I do that? Thank you in advance!
  3. Nevermind, I've found the solution. I move the objects on the same page as I described in method 1.) Thank you for the quick help! Best Regards, Hoyer
  4. Thank you for the answer. These solutions are not OK for me, I'm doing currently the page changing trick and I would like to reduce the number of pages. Visibility is not helping me either as this object has functions and I can't set which is activated with Visibility. It doesn't matter which one is Visible and which one is not, the one which is activated is always which is on top of all the others. I could find out two other possible solutions: 1.) Setting the position (like in an X-Y coordinate system) of objects from script. (This way all objects would be somewhere out of the useful range of the page and the necessary one would be moved to the place where the operator will be able to click on it.) 2.) There is a "Change component's page" option when I click on an object while pushing the Ctrl button. Can this command be done from script? Then all the objects which I don't want the operator to click on would be on a "Page_Bin" and the one which shall be used moves to the other page when the script reaches the given point. Thank you in advance!
  5. Can I set the order of objects on the page in script? I would like to bring some objects to the front when my sequence reaches a given point. Is there a command for this? Thank you in advance! Best Regards, Hoyer
  6. Hoyer

    RAM usage

    I couldn't detect any reason behind the misterious crashes, DaqFactory simply closes and the test bench stays in the last state. It happened during tests and even when the test bench didn't do anything, not even data collection. Before the crash I didn't see RAM, CPU or any memory issue. During longer tests it can be observed that actions on the screen start to be slower, when the test ends, it recovers. (That's why I guess it would be a RAM problem.) Altogether it seems that somehow memory is filled, but when the number of pages is decreased, this problem never happens. The sequences, channels and even the objects on the pages are the same. When I insert new pages and copy + paste the already functioning pages (with no modifications) the software starts crashing. Maybe I can send the ctl file in which I'm having the issue, if it can help finding the problem. Thank you in advance! Best Regards, Hoyer
  7. Hoyer

    RAM usage

    I have a pretty big number of pages in one file and I suppose to percieve the more pages I put into the file, the more often DaqFactory crashes. The channels and sequences are the same, I really think this is caused by memory issues conflicting with the number of pages. Could this guess be correct? It would be important to keep as many pages as I can, I'd prefer making the computer "stronger" if this is the real issue. What else should I check before looking for a computer as strong as possible? Can Windows limit DaqFactory or can DaqFactory memory handling be improved? Thank you in advance! Regards, Hoyer
  8. Thank you for the quick answer!
  9. I have two arrays, which are filled with values every time when a specific event happens. The first item of the first array corresponds to the first item of the other array, e.t.c... I want to determine where the minimum value of the first array is, and pick the value of the corresponding item from the other array. I guess I should use filter and min commands together, but I suppose there would be a simpler solution. Maybe I could simply get the index of the minimum value and simply pick the same index from the other. How can I do that? Thank you in advance! Hoyer
  10. I would like to use ClearGlobals() while keeping some already defined variables, which are numbers and strings. I guess I could write them to an external file and read it after the ClearGlobals() command, but I'm curious if there is a cheaper way which I haven't figured yet? Thank you in advance!
  11. Hoyer


    Thank you for the quick answer! :)
  12. Hi! I have a very similar problem like this link below: The solution for this problem was: execute("beginseq(" + myString + ")") This way beginseq reads values of a poll. I would like to do the same with if (sequence.myString.running == 0) do somethingendif Do you have any suggestions for the problem? Thank you in advance! Hoyer