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  1. I am wanting to change the color of a trace with script what is the syntax to use?
  2. NickB

    Filtering Graph Data

    Can you help with the syntax to add traces with the data from plotData variable? I am not understanding how to get this. Here is my sequence class CData local xData local yData endclass private newData = new(CData) newData.xData = AIN2 newData.yData = AIN1 PlotData.append(newData) AIN2.ClearHistory() AIN1.ClearHistory() component.Graph2D.AddTrace ("test1") component.Graph2D.test1.strYExpression = ???? component.Graph2D.test1.strXExpression = ????
  3. NickB

    Filtering Graph Data

    I am using XY plot to trend 2 channels, I am needing to run a set condition and generate the plot. I have this functioning well. The next step would be to hold this data on the plot, make adjustments to my conditions and generate the next plot on the same graph without showing the collected data while changing conditions. Additionally I would like to change trend color as well for each curve. Is this possible? To further enhance the display, is there a way to add annotations on the fly or select from a drop down menu the prescribed operating conditions?
  4. NickB

    X-Y plot data offset

    Thanks I will give this a try.
  5. NickB

    X-Y plot data offset

    There appears to the a delay or offset in my data used in my X-Y plot. When creating a log file and plotting the data the graph looks as expected but on the real time display that values are not aligned. both channels have same scan rate and no offset timing.