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    L O N G graph displays?

    Excellent - that solved the problem - Thanks!
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    L O N G graph displays?

    This may be a really rookie error or oversight but I did have it working once and can't seem to do it again... I have data coming in from a Labjack U12 at 20/sec times four channels - I have history set to 72000 and persistence set to 3800000 - This should, in theory be about two days? I have several short time frame graphs using the same data and they all work fine - up to a time length of 600 My graph that is intended to show a full two days doesn't work - I can't get a display longer than a time length of about 3600 - This makes me think I am missing something completely - if I set the time length to 200000 I get a display with two + days and dates shown in the graph window - at this sampling rate, I thought that the window (time) length would also be 3800000? Is time window length independent of sampling rate? I am clearly missing something about the process and previously (on a com-user where I was lucky to sample at 1/sec) got everything to work What Have I failed to understand? Thanks Mark