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    Email from alarm event

    Hi, sorry if this has been covered before but i'm looking to send an email notification based an alarm being fired once. I've got the emails working just fine. If I use the fired tab of the alarms as they update that just triggers another email to be sent, as you can imagine if you've got the cycle time set low then lots of emails are triggered. Is their a way to only send one email based from the first trigger and not send any more until the acknowledgment has occurred? Thanks
  2. Hi Is their a way to monitor the connection status without viewing the workspace to see the icon? we've got a system sat on a VPN so when the connection is dropped all values pause until re-connected, it would be good to have a popup to indicate a loss of connection to the main DAQ server? Thanks
  3. I'm struggling to configure the email notifications I believe that DAQ factory now uses SSL emails, is their any updated documentation that clearly covers what is required? Cheers
  4. Hi, Is it possible to have a "status" displayed for started/ stopped condition of data logging. I've got a button which starts and stops the logging of data sets which works fine but id like to be able to see what state its currently in? Still new to the scripting functions so not to sure on the code required to show this. Cheers
  5. NHL

    Enable/ disable modbus Device

    I’m looking into the best way to disable a modbus device (multi-function power meter) to prevent timeout errors and data reading issues. Currently when a power meter is disconnected (circuit switched out) the data being pulled from other devices displays incorrectly. What I’m looking to do is condition a device being “enabled” by a digital input from the distributed I/O. So effectively when a power meter is shut down it doesn’t effect any other data? Is this possible? thanks. NHL