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  1. Thank you for your help, I was a bit confused with the value as I thought you meant the channel [0] but after that misunderstanding was cleared up that I needed to put Value in, worked with the conversion. Kind Regards Cameron
  2. Hello, So I should use global variables and put those into a test channel. The only real problem I am having is where to put the add value function. Is it in the test channel event tab or say where I run my quick sequence on the button? Eg button code: Global loadcellZero = loadcell[0] LoadcellTest. AddValue(loadcellZero) Then create a conversion for the test channel: LoadcellZero =Loadcell[0] - loadcellZero does this sound somewhat correct? kind regards Cameron
  3. Hello, Very new to DAQFactory, the program I am trying to create is a simple loadcell and LVDT, has a zero loadcell and LVDT button and shows the values and logs the value - zero'd value. I have everything but the logging working, because it is only logging the V on the input. I was doing all of my conversions with V channels and when I zero my sensors and hit log it still only records the original and not zero'd value. Haven't had a great look at converting the value to a different unit yet using conversions. Assume the test channel I create are called LVDTTest andLoadcellTest. I had a look on the forum and found people saying to do something along the lines of LVDTTest.addvalue(myinput[0] * 50 + 4) to a test channel. Not exactly sure I am doing it correctly, is it meant to go into the event of the LVDTTest channel or somewhere else. Or is there an easier way that I just cant think of. Any help much appreciated. Kind Regards Cameron