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  1. Brilliant, thanks! FYI, anyone else, the system.entryDialog can take min, max, default, and other stuff. And I wanted to change only the timing aspect of the channels, so my quick script became: private string datain = system.entryDialog("Channel Timing (all channels):",0.005,,channel.channelA.timing) if (!isempty(datain)) channel.channelA.timing = strToDouble(datain) channel.channelB.timing = strToDouble(datain) endif
  2. I would like to ask the user for an input with a Variable Value Component and have it span several channels. I have am using the Action Set To and my Action Channel is Channel.*ChannelName1*.timing. I want this to go to another channel (ex: Channel.*ChannelName2*.timing) as well, but putting this in Action Channel doesn't update the second channel. I try to separate the Action Channel's by a simple space, a comma, a period, and a semicolon. Notta. If I add another action Set To, it asks the user for a second input. I cannot allow this. How can I ask thee user for one input and have it span multiple channels?