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    Oscilloscope Like Trigger Function On Graph

    Thank you very much! This works really well.
  2. Hi there, I'm new to DaqFactory and hope this is a fairly straight foward question. I'm sure there must be a way to get a graph in DaqFactory to work like an Oscilliscope and trigger a freeze (or similar on the left hand side of the graph) based on a specified value everytime the leading edge of a reaping signal comes around? I had a look around the forum but couldn't find an example of a code snippet that would help me out. Thanks in advance! Tim
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    Oscilloscope Like Trigger Function On Graph

    Thank you very much. I got there in the end. Using the method you used. Apologies, I didn't send through all the information last time. I think there might be a problem with running the Labjack in stream mode using the StartStream sequence I had defined (section 9 of the manual) and trying to actuate the trigger. I have attached 2 files below. One with and one without the stream function. I am using a 5V 10Hz saw tooth profile from a signal generator to test the trigger function. In "normal mode" the trigger function works fine. Using the "stream mode", as defined in the function, I run into the consistency problems I tried to show earlier. I also tried running only the pressure signal in "stream mode" and the trigger signal in "normal mode" but that also runs inconsistently. While I can type in a timing value of say 0.001s into the channel input, the frequency doesn't go above 250Hz looking at the data values coming in on the table tab. For my test setup I am expecting to see oscillations at hundreds Hz and above which I will need to fully capture and would like to display using the graph trigger function, so I will need the scan rate to be sufficiently high. Is there another way to get the data from the Labjack into Daqfactory using stream mode? Thanks, -Tim Test_2_normalmode.ctl Test_2_streammode.ctl
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    Oscilloscope Like Trigger Function On Graph

    Thank you very much for the reply. I was able to implement this function and it works. Sort of. Unfortunately it is a bit unstable (there are periods of up to 10s when nothing is displayed in the graph) and sometimes the full image isn't propagated. To work out the kinks I have a simple one sensor setup and am triggering off a saw tooth signal at 10Hz between 0-5V. I have had to setup the thresholds for myChannel[0] and myChannel[1] far apart to get it to work about (about 0.5V). I was wondering if this might be the cause of the instability? I can get it running slightly more consistantly if I up the scanrate and then the history. However then the screen draw time can get very high (several seconds) if I do this. It also only seems to work if I set the time (x) axis to linear. Any further tips? Maybe theres a better way to do this?
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    Oscilloscope Like Trigger Function On Graph

    Thanks for the reply. I suppose that's what I would like to do. But maybe there's a better way? I have a Labjack U6 and I followed the manual in section 9 to get the channels onto the graph in stream mode. The code in the manual maps a sequence to button to activate the streaming. I was wondering if something similar can can maybe be used as a automated trigger? I will have a series of repeating signals at about 20Hz that I'd like to analyze live and in quite a bit of detail so will need sample rates much higher than that. I am basically looking for an oscilloscope type display but on the computer with the capability to add multiple signals onto a single graph. Thanks again! -Tim