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  1. I'm trying to use the PID to control a SSR. It needs to turn the SSR on and off based off of a Temp process variable. I have the PID Output Channel set to PIDOut. I then use sequence code to either send a 0 or 1 to the SSR channel based off of PIDOut. When I click on SSR channel and look at the values in the table, I can get it to alternate between 0 and 1, as it should by changing the set point in the PID. The SSR channel is in DAC0 and the corresponding Vs, but the SSR remains powered. It will not turn off with a value of 0. What am I doing wrong?
  2. Pioneer

    Pid And Pwm To Control Temperature

    When I use the above code my SSR channel alternates between 0 and 1. How do I get it to stay on the correct value? Edit: Added at the top of sequence code: global PIDOut PIDOut = 1