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    Variable history?

    When I created a component to display a variable value, it initially displayed a whole row of the values of that variable incremented as in the sequence code. When specified MyVariable(0) in the component expression window, instead of just MyVariable, I then got just one, current instance of the variable value. Does every variable have a history generated? Can I force it to not have a history in the declaration of the variable? I ask in relation to the wimpy little laptop that the code is running on. Less overhead would be nice.
  2. I am glad to find out that the Alt key allows some more flexible paste options that help decrease a bit of typing.
  3. Yep. Found out all those things last night. After a while. Surprised that I can't declare multiple variables with a proper separator. Also that Variables are not case sensitive.
  4. Never mind. Some kind of other glitch. Channel was not updating for some reason. Saved, closed, reopened and it was working. Not perfectly but got it sorted from there. Odd. The channel table was updating in the channel view. But was not transferring to the a1 variable. Now it is. Might have been hanging onto previous channel settings and getting glitched.
  5. 1 global l=4320 // 12 hours of 10 second samples 2 global A1,A2,A3,A4,A5,TA1,TA2,TA3,TA4,TA5 3 while (l>0) 4 delay(10) 5 A1=(read(a1)/10) 6 A2=(read(a2)/10) 7 A3=(read(a3)/10) 8 A4=(read(a4)/10) 9 A5=(read(a5)/10) 10 TA1=(TA1+A1) 11 TA2=(TA2+A2) 11 TA3=(TA3+A3) 12 TA4=(TA4+A4) 13 TA5=(TA5+A5) 14 l-- 15 endwhile Keep getting this error in spite of trying other variations on declaring the variables. If I declare A1 and the other variables as A1=0, etc, up in line 1, the C1086 error indicates the error being in line 1. What am I doing wrong with the variables? a1 to a5 are channel names. C1086 One of the parameters was empty: DischargeWH Line 5 - Uncaught error in sequence DischargeWH
  6. Not working. I have channel in main group named a1 and channel in group T1, named t1. channel.a1.timing = 0 Does not change the timing. Nor does channel.t1.timing = 0.
  7. private string clist = channel.listAll("T1") for (private i = 0, i < numrows(clist), i++) execute("ClearHistory" + clist + ) endfor This throws an error. C1070 Not enough parameters for the given operator: Discharge Line 3 - Uncaught error in sequence Discharge I missed something here. Is is because it is a channel group? I need to use a different command parameter?
  8. I have Main channels, a1 to a4, on channels 0 to 3. I have group T1 channels, t1 to t3, also on channels 0 to 3. So Main and Group T1 are using same physical channels. I set Main channels to 1 sec timing. I set Group T1 channels to 0 timing. I get no error messages doing this. I have a table to display T1 channel values in 4 cells. Each cell shows value at a certain history point. I use a delay in the sequence, then Channel.ReadGroup("T1") to create the history at that point. But. The channel timing on Group T1 does not act as 0. It acts as 1 second timing. Is that just the way it is if you try and use the same physical channels across groups? The timing column being a hardware trigger as well as history update? Having T1 group set to 0 timing is over ridden? As well as the history entries being 1 second based? My goal is to have current value per second in one cell of the table. Historical interval values in the other cells. So Main a1 at 1 sec intervals, t1 interval samples in other cells. In the table cell expression to display the history value of a group channel, is t1(10) correct to show 10th history value. Or a specific group reference command? Using a Labjack U6-Pro by the way.
  9. Have channel group T. Want to clear the history of the whole group. Is there a one step command? Or do I need to loop?
  10. Is there a way to change all or some channel sample timings from within a sequence?
  11. kedi

    History information.

    So each channel has a separate history array? Three values, the record number, time and channel value? As it appears in the table of the channel? If you make a group of channels, does that create an array of more columns to encompass them in one array? I am being a pest about this history thing. But it seems to be a powerful resource, if I can understand it fully.
  12. A nice solution in many instances. I could do that 4 times with a 3 hour delay, to display my voltage snapshots, without them scrolling out. Referencing the history in the tables. It will not be compatible with my desire to graph the channels. But definitely thanks for the idea.
  13. I am dealing with 72 channels. It quickly becomes not simple. To get around the history update scheme now, I have to create 4X72 variables for the particular instance I am dealing with. Then I have to enter those 288 variables into expressions in 72 tables. I have to read the channels into those 288 variables so the data does not shift through. It is working. But the ability to just stop history update would save so much trouble and tricky coding. Also having the option of history increment from 0 instead of inserting at 0 would also be wonderful. With the ability to stop history. So compare a command like Stop_History, compared to if(updateHistory) myTestChannel.AddValue(myChannel[0]) endif For 72 channels.
  14. Is history an array or a log? I ask because I want to copy history into an array so I have more control over it. Is it called history as log or array? I wish to copy it to an array so I can refer to the array that I control as a resource.
  15. kedi

    OR in an LED expression

    Thank you.