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    C1136 error

    What does a C1136 error mean?
  2. Is there any good way to get a value from a variable from a python environment into a channel/variable value in DAQFactory? I am currently using an instrument that will only let me easily read its outputs with python. My current idea is to have a python script that reads the output from the instrument, and then writes it to a file. Then I would use DAQFactory to read the file in as the channel value.
  3. Was wondering if anyone had used DAQFactory with any Keysight instruments or instruments that use SCPI code. I am using a power supply and want the voltage to be equal to the control variable in a PID loop, and I also want to be able to use MEASure to measure the current (although that one isn't as important). I have some ideas about using python along with DAQFactory but would be interested if anyone had any other ways they figured it out. :)