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  1. BeeHay


    Hello hello! Been a long time, but you seem to always find a way back to your roots. Have a quick question about licensing, which I am sure is covered in a few other topics, but I thought I would make a new post since it has been a while. I have a small application, created with a dev key/license (pro/dev?) and a user wants to run the .ctl file on their end. I have things like check boxes and "leds" that appear not to function in the "trial mode/express" unless I have my key in. All I am curious about is, if a user purchases a runtime ($160), will those objects still function? They have some scripting behind them and the app wont work unless the objects do! Also, I noticed you have a "key" option for $80, what is this? Can the $80 key hold a runtime license and that key can be moved around to different PCs at different times? Lastly, how can the user "try out" my .ctl before purchasing a license if the express version doesn't work with my .ctl? Any info helps and glad to see DF still humming along, Brandon
  2. BeeHay

    Ftp - Active Or Passive

    Thanks for the reply! I did get most everything setup with a batch, but it appears that command line FTP doesn't support passive mode either? Although the "hooks" are there to make it "look" like it is in passive mode, I couldn't for the life of me get it working... Another reason for the ole man to get his own satellite isp? Again, thanks for the reply and sorry for my delay... Brandon
  3. BeeHay

    Ftp - Active Or Passive

    It appears we are unable to set FTP "mode" to passive in DAQFatory? I finally got down here to play with the old SCADA and it appears the "3rd Party" internet provider does not allow "Active" FTP connections...(They just upgraded their entire setup, Pason) I tested this with CoreFTP... I UN-checked the PASV mode and attempted to connect to my FTP server...500 Illegal PORT command...(Same error as in DF // 500 Illegal PORT command. 500 Unknown command.) I then enable PASV mode and I can connect fine to my FTP server (VIA CoreFTP.... Will passive mode ever be an option in future releases of DAQ Fatory? I'm sure I can sit and crunch code for using the command line FTP, but time is of the essence when I'm doing side work... Any heads up will be great, Brandon
  4. BeeHay

    Can't Open .ctl File

    As always, thanks!
  5. BeeHay

    Can't Open .ctl File

    Hello again Azeotech! Not sure what I am doing wrong, but I am trying to open an old control file (with a new install of DF) and I am getting "software licensed for runtime mode"... I am just trying to take a look at some old stuff for my prev employer and see if I can make a few mods for him... I even tried to open the .ctl in safe mode and then enter dev mode with no luck... Do I still the hardware USB key for dev? If so that's not a problem as I believe he wants me to implement changes in person.... Just wanted to brush up on some old code before I get there... This is a fresh install of Win7 and DF... Any insight is always helpful and thanks, Brandon
  6. Hello again message board! Long time no visit! Just curious, as I am further venturing new landmarks in my SCADA path, if DAQ Factory pages can act as an OPC client? I have seen this in other HMIs and I am just wondering if DF has this capability... Since I have moved on from my last place of employment, I can't "play" around in DF anymore without my key to see if this works or test it out! Also, on a side topic, would there be a way to use indirect addressing to a channel within DF? What I am using now is an item called "Tag Groups" in GE's iFIX software... Pretty much I can make one screen pointing to "aliased" channels and "load a tag group in the screen" to point to the specific channel(s) on the fly... It is rather nice using these for "templateized screens"... I read your post here -- -- and it seems that is probably what I am asking about... Thanks again for indefinite help and guru advice! Brandon
  7. Oops...looks like you tried that, but I see you have delays adding up to 2 seconds...What is your timeout set to in your serial device config? I believe our serial device did something along those lines too, I think I added a ?strlasterror and a try/catch in there and things seemed to be fine... HTH
  8. Maybe increase the timeout length in your serial device config area! HTH
  9. Thanks for the reply LJ support! I have both my timers available so I will give your second idea a run through... I have had problems with the debounce circuit in the past (overheating I think), but it is strange how my RPM panel meter reads fine, but my LJ is receiving a strange input... Also in the past my debouce chip was powered from an external psu, but I have now switched to using the +5V from the LJ... Swapping the debouce on my next round is a quick and easy thing I should prob do! Argh, another 1800 miles under my belt in 5 days!!
  10. Ok, yea I think maybe the LJ is going "haywire" because I have a RPM panel meter that is behind the debounce circuit that displays the SPM correctly while DF is receiving an incorrect count... Hmm, maybe I will swap out the in-question LJ with one from another unit to whittle down the issue! Thanks again for brainstorming, Brandon
  11. Sorry if I wasn't clear.... My RAW counts should be 3 a second MAX, but when I see the error, the RAW counts can range from 3 -12 per second...(12*60=720SPM) This is what I mean by haywire... And after they haywire begins, my calc'ed values are off/wrong but calcing correctly..(as it should but with an incorrect count number)...
  12. Ok, first I have my counters setup pretty much exactly like the sample BasicCounter.ctl with a channel as a counter with an event that uses AddValue() to add to another test channel holding the cumulative strokes... We utilize a hardware debounce circuit to "clean up" the signal from our momentary push button type limit switch... I can watch in the counters table, the value that seems to be coming from my counter can range from 3 to 5 "strokes" per second and anywhere up to 10-12 a second... This can make many things "haywire"... SPM Starts reading incorrectly, volumes and velocities off, not to mention our lag starts coming up too fast... Usually, my strokes can be MAX 3 per second (180SPM) and usually rides in the 1-2 per second range... Albiet, I have only seen it happen a few times, but that is more times than needed to cause users to scratch thier heads... I am not doing any processing on the counter, and have only field tested "resetting" the counter and is not an available option to the user... After a FULL pc hard shutdown and restart (I think the LJ needs to "clear" something as just restarting DF will not fix it), things start to clear up... Thanks for the reply and any more advice would be greatly helpful!
  13. Not sure how to explain this, baut after about 24hrs of "counting" with the LJ-U6 pro, my counts start going haywire?! I am starting to think I need to "stream" my labjack instead of the basic connection I have now.... Here is my LJ startup code - using("device.labjack.") include("c:\program files (x86)\labjack\drivers\labjackud.h") global ID = 1 ePut(ID, LJ_ioPIN_CONFIGURATION_RESET, 0, 0, 0) //first counter on FIO4 AddRequest (ID, LJ_ioPUT_CONFIG, LJ_chTIMER_COUNTER_PIN_OFFSET, 4, 0, 0) // enable counter 0 & 1 and reset them: AddRequest(ID, LJ_ioPUT_COUNTER_ENABLE,0,1,0,0) AddRequest(ID, LJ_ioPUT_COUNTER_ENABLE,1,1,0,0) AddRequest(ID, LJ_ioPUT_COUNTER_RESET,0,0,0,0) ErrorHandler(ID) // set device resolution to index 12 ePut(ID, LJ_ioPUT_CONFIG, LJ_chAIN_RESOLUTION, 12, 0) ErrorHandler(ID) // set AIN0 range to +/-1.0 here!! ePut(ID, LJ_ioPUT_AIN_RANGE, 0, LJ_rgBIP1V, 0) ErrorHandler(ID) // set AIN2 range to +/-1.0 here!! ePut(ID, LJ_ioPUT_AIN_RANGE, 2, LJ_rgBIP1V, 0) ErrorHandler(ID) // set AIN4 range to +/-1.0 here!! ePut(ID, LJ_ioPUT_AIN_RANGE, 4, LJ_rgBIP1V, 0) ErrorHandler(ID) // set AIN6 range to +/-10.0V here!! ePut(ID, LJ_ioPUT_AIN_RANGE, 6, LJ_rgBIPP10V, 0) ErrorHandler(ID) // set internal ground channel range to +/-0.01V ePut(ID, LJ_ioPUT_AIN_RANGE, 15, LJ_rgBIPP01V, 0) ErrorHandler(ID) GoOne(ID) ErrorHandler(ID) delay(0.5) beginseq(callvars) [/CODE] As you can see, I DO NOT have my LJ streaming... Would you recommend I setup the LJ to stream? Do I actually [i][b]need [/b][/i]to stream just to keep counting for extended periods of time?? At first I thought our limit switch was "double counting" but I am sure that something is off and is prob a LJ -> DF issue! Any thoughts from the GURU is always appreciated! Thanks, BeeHay
  14. BeeHay

    Saving Variable Values

    I almost forgot about that... :bonk: I am pretty sure I scripted in System.SaveDocument() into our "Quit" button, so the V.Chans would be saved...
  15. BeeHay

    Saving Variable Values

    Just a thought, this is why I like to use V.Channels for my "constants"...Turn the history count down to 1 (or 2) and use them for "sticky settings" or math constants! They will stick around upon restart...