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  1. Actually just discovered that DaqFactory is running multiple copies of sequences. We have a flow through instrument that looks at two different water sources. The system switches valves as to what water to analyse so I have a generic set of channels for the raw data which only gets one set of data at my chosen interval. I then have a sequence that puts the data from the generic channels into channels for WaterA or WaterB depending on which is being analysed - it is this script (plus others) that is running multiple times.
  2. Hi, One of my DaqFactory systems which is running on Windows 10 periodically begins to do all jobs twice or three times. I have checked Task Manager to see if multiple copies of DaqFactory are running but there is only one copy in memory. As examples of this, each day at 7am the system sends a series of people a status email - normally each person gets one message but today it has sent three message, all the same, all at the same time, looking at a Data Table it shows that there are two or three entries for each time stamp . This happened a couple of months ago and the only fix was the shutdown DaqFactory and re-start. Any ideas? Thanks George
  3. CamEra

    Channel not displaying in graph

    Did as you suggested without a fresh start and the Parse command is working fine so it is all to do with the data coming from the instrument, although that looks fine in the serial monitor This is the input that is causing issues, looks good to me although there is one further step that I have to run which is to replace the "+" and "-" characters with either ""+," or "-," so that I can split them on the commas. Unfortunately the length of this line can change as it can change the number of decimals hence I cannot just use Mid to split the line. I'll go back to the two lines of code that add the commas to see if there is an issue there - but this code has worked for ages (like 5-6 years) without issue.
  4. CamEra

    Channel not displaying in graph

    Hmmm! you always have another function that I haven't thought about using. I did it by putting in a couple of system.messagebox commands, the first one displayed the value and the second displayed the the length of the string, they matched so no hidden characters. As well with your comment about the serial monitor, I have that open and watching the data come in and there are no hidden characters in the incoming string. Back to the drawing board.
  5. CamEra

    Channel not displaying in graph

    Ahhh! I think this and my Parse problem are linked. If you look at that question I couldn't get the Parse command to separate out 4 items into an array with commas as separators so I did it using four Parse commands, one for each item which worked. I am wondering if that line of text from my instrument has some non printing character in the first few characters which means that it goes into the first item which should then be converted with strtodouble and being stored in Sonde1_ch0. Time for a little more sleuthing. BTW - Your colour coding of the background colours is another example of why I like DaqFactory so much - the programmers obviously thought long and hard about actions that would help us in the real world. That as well as the superb support we get. Thanks George
  6. CamEra

    Channel not displaying in graph

    Hi, See the attached pdf which describes my issue. Basically I have a series of channels Sonde1_ch0 Sonde1_ch1 ... to Sonde1_ch9 Channel Sonde1_ch0 won't plot. Thanks George Graph issue.pdf
  7. CamEra

    Parse issue

    I can certainly upgrade to 18.1 but I really would like to know why this Parse command has suddenly stopped working when it was performing properly for such a long time. Is it possible a Win10 update has caused the problem?
  8. CamEra

    Parse issue

    Hi, Using DaqFactory 17.1 build 2309 on I have an issue with the Parse command. I have a sequence that has been operating for several years. Recently I upgraded the PC to Windows 10 which went smoothly and needed no changes to get the system operating. It performed well for a week or so and then started to have issues with a Parse command. It is getting data from a serial port which supplies data in batches of four values. The input data is fine with four values that are separated by commas. Each value has either a + or - in front of it depending whether it is positive or negative. Attached is a pdf showing the data as presented using system.messagebox. As you can see the input string is fine. Using Parse(datain,0,",") works fine if the item required is requested. The problem is when using Parse with the second parameter as -1. The variable Data is declared as Private string Data My real problem here is that the code using the line Data=Parse(datain,-1,",") has been operating correctly for years but suddenly stopped working creating errors. I even commented that line out and re-typed it but got the same result. I can work around this by getting the values individually but it creates a lot more work. Any help, most appreciated. George Parse issue.pdf
  9. Yep, right as always there was an apostrophe in the line that was difficult to see.
  10. Have this code Component.status.strtext="Reading Sonde Probes" WaterToRead=0 //WaterToRead =0 for Inflow SDIPollData() //go read the sonde I have set up "WaterToRead" as a global variable (checked that in the Watch window) which I want to change as the system operates from 0 to 1 each time the script runs but I continually get this error C1070 Not enough parameters for the given operator: SDIContinuousPoll Line 33 - Uncaught error in sequence SDIContinuousPoll ---- this is the line 33 "WaterToRead=0 //WaterToRead =0 for Inflow" I cannot see what is wrong with these statements. DaqFactory is running on a Windows 10 box. Thanks for any help Regards George
  11. Hi, I have just transferred a DF system from a Win7 box to a Win 10 box. I am using all the same hardware, the only difference is that it is on a Win10 box as opposed to Win7. It is a relatively simple system. It has two interfaces, a Modbus unit (IP based) and a serial interface which is actually an SDI-12 unit to USB converter. I have other systems on Win 7 still operating using the SDI-12 to USB converter with the exact same instrument - a multi-parameter sonde. For some reason it regularly fails to read both the Modbus unit and the SDI-12 to USB instruments, this throws an error from the script I have written to communicate with the SDI-12 instrument - this comes up in an error window with the title "Alert" as well as being displayed in the Command/Alert window. To treat the symptom I wrote a script that runs every 5 minutes to check for the "Alert" window and if it exists it closes it and then runs the software for the sonde and have it rescan the ports which then gets all comms going again. Not the most ideal solution especially as the script doesn't always work. On checking the scheduler that runs my script every 5 minutes its log file tells me that the script has been run every 5 minutes but it appears that it cannot either see the Alert window or cannot access it. This system is remote from me and if I use Remote Desktop Connection to access it then the next time the scheduler runs the script to clear the Alert window it works. This suggests that somehow Windows 10 is going to sleep or not actioning commands - I have set Windows 10 to leave the screen on full time as well as not put the hard drive to sleep. Other jobs in the scheduler are working fine e.g. a script runs just after midnight and takes yesterdays data and adds that to a yearly file even though the system stopped accruing data at 8 pm the night before. Has anyone seen this type of behaviour in Windows 10. Thanks George
  12. CamEra

    Graphing Data Without Time

    Hi, I am looking at using DaqFactory as a display system for an instrument installation. we have a buoy in a lake with thermistors every 10 metres from the surface to the bottom. Every hour data is telemetered back to our office. That data is held in a csv file. I would like to get DaqFactory to read that file (no issue there as I have done that many times before) and put the data into an array such that the array contains pairs of data - depth of thermistor and the temperature (there are only 15 thermistors hence the array would be 15x2). I would then like to plot these two against each other - the bottom axis being the temperature and the Y axis as the depth. I have had a go at this but haven't been able to get it sorted. Do you know if it is possible to do it? Regards George
  13. Hi, I am looking at using Daqfactory for a data display system with out any instruments attached (I have several systems running DaqFactory and have been a users for several years). The data will come via a file on our ftp server (updated every hour). The data is from a lake buoy system which has temperature sensors spread from the surface to 150 metres depth. I would like to plot the temperature on the X axis and the depth on the Y axis. Ideally I would like the Y Axis to go from 0 at the top to 150 at the bottom (reverse to normal). I don't think DaqFactory can handle this - happy to be proved wrong though. An option here is to make the depths negative so the scale goes from -150 to 0. My aim was to set up two channels with a history of 15 - the number of sensors in the chain, one for temperature and the other for depth. As a new data file is read the data in these two channels would be replaced and therefore graphed. Would this work? As well as this there are other sensors on the surface each being logged every minute, e.g. there is a full weather station giving wind speed, direction, air temperature, humidity, barometric pressure etc. The data file will contain the time each measurement is taken. I would like to read this data file and as each line is read (file is updated each hour and has 60 lines of data, one for every minute) I would like to add it to the appropriate channel e.g. Wind_Speed along with the actual time the data was taken (from the line in the file not from the system clock). Is this possible? Or do I have to use a variable or array? Regards George
  14. CamEra

    Using Gmail

    Hi, Further to yesterdays post. I was cheating and didn't make a new instance of email, Once I did that private semail = new(CEMail) it all worked. Thanks for the support George
  15. CamEra

    Using Gmail

    Hi, Thanks for the quick response, set that but then got the error below. I logged on using Chrome and set my email account to use the less secure options and made sure that the login process was NOT a two step process. Made several attempts and got the same response. Any ideas? Thanks George 01/31/15 20:51:18.844 An error occured sending the message, Error:80040211 Description:Unexpected AUTH LOGIN password response, Last Response: 534-5.7.14 < 534-5.7.14 UzINkCjj7yv3SsuTA1HAIHo2DBvbOTEUj2ALJVuTB6YFFIB8_b-4NIPE0aB_eec1uqfspF 534-5.7.14 cJC0kkCyWPk8pcze6ilRZ0jnqZD8jNerm4Bz-hwmmlMf8Li-GH7bkk67txPdU3wckdaHTh 534-5.7.14 6IoauO9D_8Y8_BxCMdcjoTlOKHVTeFuNxhjJhT8MRYgPqpzWOC2uIDFqPgo0ccZktdEcIa 534-5.7.14 PsILaOg> Please log in via your web browser and then try again. 534-5.7.14 Learn more at 534 5.7.14 rg6sm12949862pbc.43 - gsmtp Logging into Gmail and checking shows me that Gmail is denying my email Application/device sign-in attempt (prevented 3 times) Today at 10:06 PM Auckland, New Zealand Today at 10:06 PM – Sign-in attempt (prevented) IP Address: ( Today at 9:46 PM – Sign-in attempt (prevented) IP Address: ( Today at 9:43 PM – Sign-in attempt (prevented) IP Address: (