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  1. My initial post about this issue was 6 years ago. Then I (we) got promise about version 6 and unicode support. I see there is no version 6 yet (and probably never be, according to time spent to develop from 5.9 to 6.0), but is there a unicode support at least ? I'm trying to convince one buyer for developer version, but it is hard without unicode support. Any (reasonable) comment? If possible, please, without "we are working on it" since obviously you are not. Mladen Bruck Hercegovina
  2. mbruck

    Version 6

    Version 6..... ? Promised more then......two years ? As I remember.
  3. I'm considering to buy DAQFactory (PRO?), but your license policy confuse me... sorry. Can I buy: For ME: DAQ Factory PRO + one runtime,(+ hardware key to move it on my laptop), to develop and test application on my computer For Customer: ONE runtime license to run application what I developed above? What should I install on customer PC?
  4. mbruck

    Force Coil Modbus TCP function

    Here it is... test.ctl
  5. mbruck

    Force Coil Modbus TCP function

    Hello! I have problem with Force coil modbus tcp function (5). When I put ordinary button and connect it to Force Coil tcp function channel, it always send xFF in data part. This is same for all type button & Switches, EXCEPT for spin button which send x00 and xFF when push upper and lower part. On attached print screen, first push send xFF and LED is "on" on button, but second push actualy switch off button and LED, but channel show same data is sent to device (and device respond to it)..... Problem. My question is, how to setup, embedded buttons&switches to sent x00 or xFF, and how to do same with simbol factory "buttons" . Regards!
  6. Please, could some one explain more about ModBus TCP, Slave and Master configuration. What confusing me is , id terminology: Modbus TCP slave is Ethernet master and vice versa . "Slave is master" More, when configuring devices there several possible combination: MODBUS TCP, Modbus TCP slave and New Ethernet (TCP) client, New Ethernet Server .... I have succesfully connect DaqFactory to one Modbus TPC application where read input status (F2), but I can't READ FROM DAQFactory. Even I try several combination above, I never success to establish communication. Please, could you explain how to establish TCP communication QuickMOD<->MyApplication in somple steps! Thank you!
  7. No, no... It is only for screen messages! Look previous posts. I will not put any Croatian characters into communication streaming....
  8. No hard feeling.... Many manufacturers wouldn't even publish my comment.
  9. This is promise more than YEAR AGO. I still waiting for version 6.0 and Unicode support. Unfortunate, many software developers like to PROMISE, more than WORK. (It seam you are one of them)
  10. I'm considering to run DAQFactory on WINCE based terminal. Is this possible? Concretely like this one: http://cubloc.com/product/05_03.php or 3200 or 3500 from same site....
  11. I know I make newbe question, but I can't find answer in documentation. How to deploy program and license to user computer if I buy DaqFactory Pro version? I know user have to buy license, but how? And what about DaqFactory program? So, basicaly my question is: As developer I have DaqFactory Pro version. What my customer have to buy and install to run application I developed with my version? Thank you!
  12. When you expecting release 6.0 version and what is upgrade policy if I buy current version before?