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  1. holstein

    Long serial string comma separated

    This was the solution, thanks a lot people of Azeotech! Best regards, Johan
  2. Hi group, I have a long string and is comma separated, I made one single channel and read the long string, now I like to put every value in a variable display. The string looks like this 3.34uW, 3.08nW,calibrate, COUPLER, etc. Thanks, Johan
  3. holstein

    Custom logging

    Hi, My customer likes his logged from channel in a special layout with customer name, company logo, adress and of course the data from say 20 channels. How can I do that ?
  4. holstein


    Dear People at Azeotech, Congratulations with your new webside it looks amazing good and fresh, I hope it has the same "power" then DaqFactory. Best regards, A happy DaqF user, Johan Holstein The Netherlands, University Groningen