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    Thank you Guru. This worked. But I'm curious about how I was SUPPOSED to enter the code because the way I did it was a little tedious. I tried to just run it, but since it was a CTL, it just replaced my other document. I tried to rename both parts to *.txt and Open these, but same thing occured. I looked for an import button or a Save To button for the scripts but none are available. Finally I opened up the document that had both pieces of the script, CUT it, then pasted it into my document. I'm working between a couple computers. designing on my computer at work, sending the files to my home and my laptop that will run all this. So I need a good way of exporting/importing. Is there one? If not, I'll do the cut and paste thingy but it seems kinda crude.
  2. How do I switch pages (page 0, 1, 2) quickly using speed keys? I can't find anything in the manual that shows a table of keys versus codes. Page up, Page down would be real convenient.