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  1. Hello Guru, datain is the string where the output from the device is stored. The values are separated by one or two blanks . Therefore the unnecessary blanks are eliminated with the replace statement. Most of the other statements are only for testing purposes to see whether the values are read correctly. I found the error meanwhile: one has to use "local.channel.AddValue"; i found this in an other post in the forum; but initially it didn't work for me, because the *.ddp file with the device definition is stored in the "c:\windows\program files (x86)\DAQFactory" directory. With windows 7 changes are only stored when you run DAQFactory as Adminstrator. Best regards Heribert
  2. Hello, I tried to create anew device, following the instructions in the Serial / Ethernet Communications Gude. The instrument delivers severel values in an ASCII string. I want towrit two of this values in channels, as described in the guide. But only the valu for channel 0 is written. The channel.AdddValue command does not work (See listing below) Of course the channel is created as channel 1, device 0. Any hints? Best regards // if (Channel != 0) return(NULL) endif //Control debug output (all lines with ?) System.SequencePrint = 1 //Data aquisition private string datain = Poll("ACT",13) //Replace double blanks datain = replace(datain," "," ") ? "datain = " + datain // Write temperature to channel 1 Channel.AddValue(strDevice,0,"GetData1",1,StrToDouble(Parse(datain,4," "))) ? "strDevice = " + strDevice ? "Temperature = " + Parse(datain,4," ") //Write pH Value (to Channel 0) ? "pH Value = " + Parse(datain,3," ") return (StrToDouble(Parse(datain,3," ")))
  3. Hello, We acquire data with DQExpress (Vers. 5.79a) from the four differential channels 8, 9,10,11 from LabJack U12 with gain set to 7. Scan resolution is set to 300 scans / second. The signal is 20 Hz sinusoidal, floating. - Only in the first channel we get a sinusoidal signal-shape in the Graph. - In the other channels the signal looks as if the resolution were much less then the 300 scans /second - If we try to read only three channels but with a higher resolution of 400 scans / seconds the StartStream command dosn Kulturlseqtest.ctl