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    Error Code

    Any idea what this error is caused by? 02/14/20 09:53:23.999 An error occured sending the message, Error:8007274D Description:No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it. , Response:
  2. dbowerman

    DAQFactory Stops Responding

    I right click on Alarms, add, give it a name and hit OK and it hangs. Do I contact you by email or a phone call?
  3. dbowerman

    DAQFactory Stops Responding

    Also now when I try to add an alarm DAQFactory hangs and I have to close with Task Manager.
  4. dbowerman

    DAQFactory Stops Responding

    Looks like MSVCR90.dll is also causing a problem. DAQFactory will keep capturing data and scripts and alarm are still working but I can't switch pages or do anything. I have to close the program with Task Manager and reopen it to do anything with the document.
  5. dbowerman

    DAQFactory Stops Responding

    DAQFactory.exe version: 17.1.2309.0
  6. dbowerman

    DAQFactory Stops Responding

    Happens on its own. Sometimes once a week and sometimes more often. It started after I installed DAQFactory on Windows Server 2016 Standard VM.
  7. dbowerman

    DAQFactory Stops Responding

    I guess you can't read the error very will in the picture. DAQFactory.exe version: 17.1.2309.0 Faulting module name: PEGRP32a.dll version
  8. Any idea why DAQFactory freezes every now and then with the following application error.
  9. dbowerman

    Remote Connect

    I would like to know how to remote connect to DaqFactory and have page edits made in the remote development application automatically updated in my runtime on the local machine.