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  1. {"cid":-1,"data":{"value":"0121FF02"},"code":200} private index = find(in, "code", 0) How to write a sequence to a get code value
  2. Hi Guru HTTP.Get(); private string in = HTTP.Get("") AL1350.Path ="/iolinkmaster/port[4]/iolinkdevice/pdin/getdata" Find("value","getdata",0) global string hex = "value" Evaluate("value") myChannel = Evaluate("0x" + hex) while(1) myChannel.query() delay(60) endwhile Command/Alert shows C1040 channel does not have any valid values line 15 uncaught in sequence Temperature values is not updating and showing 0.0000 Regards
  3. Hi Guru Thanks for reply HTTP.Get(); private string in = HTTP.Get("") AL1350.Path ="/iolinkmaster/port[4]/iolinkdevice/pdin/getdata" Find("value","getdata",0) Evaluate("value") private string hex = "value" private dec = evaluate("0x" + hex) How to display value as channel in page since value is temperature in decimal format
  4. Hi Guru I try to use the sequence as below and begin sequence also command alert message The HTTP error and sequence not running. Thanks
  5. I have IO=Link device Browser can communicate with device[4]/iolinkdevice/pdin/getdata and gives Json output {"cid":-1,"data":{"value":"00D1FF00"},"code":200} How I will interface with steps of DAQFACTORY converting value hexadecimal to decimal to be displayed in its page
  6. After setting Real time Web Access as localhost .and while connecting showing error using from Daqfactory but in local browser local host works . Why I can not connect local host form daqfactory
  7. urdey

    MySQL error for logging

    Hi, We get attached message when trying to access MySQL via ODBC. C1011 Could not create table for logging. Could you please advise what should be configured for this?
  8. DAQFactory can it support PUT,POST ,DELETE command like GET command?. How Data will be transferred in JSON or JavaScript format from DAQFACTORY to website
  9. How and what command DAQFACTORY will take screenshots of pages then upload command them to a webserver.What DAQFACTORY queries commands the server at some interval through xml or json from webserver.
  10. My main intention is to display DAQ HMI Screen in the website or webserver and few javascript code action from webserver to DAQFACTORY HMI Start and Stop process.
  11. How to send devices data to web browser using html javascript from DAQ FACTORY
  12. urdey

    Basic serial communication

    Hi GURU .After creating a sequence and try to run the sequence I am getting C1000 Channel or function not found: Serial_Comms Line 2 - Uncaught error in sequence Serial_Comms
  13. Thanks for replying I am getting communication but data is not displayed as Modsim 32 simulator from GPS Dialler
  14. trying to communicate with master NOVUS GSM Dialler using MODBUS TCP 502 port only but didn't communicate register.