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    MODBUS RTU problems!?

    Thank you and sorry for the bother! After I posted the previous post I tried it the same way you now described and it started to work! We didn't know that you can do it this way...thank you very much!

    MODBUS RTU problems!?

    OK, then how do I create this modbus device? I mean do I start by adding a new device, configure the port and name the device? But then I still need to select the modbus RTU protocol and then I need the correct *.dll-s in order for the modbus protocol to work (I have them from the older version).. What do you think would be the best way to do this? Is the code shown above any good or should I improve it somehow? Please help! Thank you for your time and anwser!
  3. Hi, I have a small problem. Recently we updated a data aquisition system from DAQ+LabJack to DAQ+OPC server(connected to a PLC). We used the hardware key to change the settings in the channel list, not changing anything else. DAQ runntime is running on a slower PC and the version is a bit older (5.40 or even older). So the problem is that while the variables are shown in DAQ, some graphs of these variables work and some don't.. If I check the history recordings all the data is there. If I click through the pages a bit, I might even manage to get the graphs working (that happened once). So what could be the problem? If we install a newer version of DAQ on that PC could that fix the problem? How do we do that without losing the runntime licence? Should I install the new DAQfactory in the same folder as the old version or in a new one? And another question. Why can't we transfer the runntime licence from that machine via the DAQ hardware key? Thank you for your help and reply!

    MODBUS RTU problems!?

    Hi, I'm trying to connect to a device (Circutor power analyzer) that uses the Modbus RTU protocol through a serial port (I'm using a RS232 to USB converter). The data I'm reading is of Unsigned Long Reverse Words type - in modbus scanner, where it always works without a problem!!! First of all I have a sequence that seemed to work before i formatted the PC in question. The sequence is: delay(3) while (1) delay(3) Var.test = Device.ModbusRTU.ReadHoldingRegistersUWSLI(1,60,1) var.test2 = Device.ModbusRTU.ReadHoldingRegistersUWSLI(1,30,1) V.DnevnaMoc = var.test[0] / 1000 V.trenmoc = var.test2[0] / 1000 delay(3) endwhile the problem is that it does not work anymore.. It seemed to work fine before. The only way it starts to work with the sequence above, is when I start another instance of DAQFactory(I still have the trial version installed so I can modify the settings without the hardware key). I made a new *.ctl file containing only two channels reading from ModbusRTU device. The data type is of course invalid (Read Holding Registers Unsigned 32-bit), but the data is read without a problem. When this file was open and both channels active, I opened the original file with the sequence above (immediatelly an error occured in the newly open file - the port is in use by another app...). So I closed the test *.ctl file, started the sequence and VOILA it magically started to work.... and now every time I want to start the readout from the device I have to do the procedure described above. Please help! Thanks