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    Hi I have managed to get it working with the QuickMod example. I have saved QuickMod 'As' a new project. How do I embed the IP address so I dont have to enter it each time? I would have expected to see a list on the RH side showing my device but there is only local device and v memory Thanks
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    Hi I am evaluation DAQFactory, and want to set up Modbus TCP/IP comms to an advantech 4019 which is an AtoD convertor. The Adam unit is on ip address and I wish to display the 8 analog values on a screen, and have a test data entry for each analog, plus a fixed test. Additionally I wish to log the data to an OBDC database (Access or SQL Server) I have tried setting up comms but it doesnt work for me. I can ping the ADAM and see it with the Advantech software so my network is fine. Could someone possibly post a basic project here to help me ge started?