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  1. SteveMyres

    Remote DF Modbus/TCP Server won't open TCP connection

    Another curiosity. My remote access is via a Cisco Anyconnect VPN administered by the customer. Wireshark lists the Radmin VPN virtual adapter I use for remote access sites I manage, but does not seem to be aware of the Cisco one. If I could Wireshark the queries, I could see if there's any difference between the DF ones and the Modbus Poll or Baseblock ones.
  2. SteveMyres

    Remote DF Modbus/TCP Server won't open TCP connection

    OK, so changing the port worked, partially. Can't imagine what could have been added to the DF PC using port 502, but changing to 510 allows both my DF test client and Modbus Poll to connect. However, DF polls successfully and Modbus Poll does not. It times out, even though both clients have generous timeout setting far longer than the typical response delay of 80ms. Baseblock ComTest Pro also times out and claims not to have received a response. DF and the other two clients have all worked in the past. I've been at this point before, as well as the case where all clients I used would work, when the plant SCADA guy could not get a response with Wonderware or Modbus Poll. I'm baffled.
  3. SteveMyres

    Remote DF Modbus/TCP Server won't open TCP connection

    Wellp, can't test locally. Could try another port, though it hasn't changed since it worked [for me but not for him], but it means I'll have to edit the CTL and resend. That's doable. Oh, and the SCADA guy hasn't physically been local when he's testing but requests have been sent from his WW machines which are local, in addition to using Modbus clients local to him via VPN like I'm doing, and the local ones did no better.
  4. At a customer site, I have an instance of DAQ Factory running, that's serving about 20 variables via Modbus. The plant SCADA integrator is trying to read these variables from two Wonderware Intouch instances, but can't make a connection to the DF server. Until recently, I could poll the DF slave registers with no issue, both with ModbusPoll and an instance of DF at my location, so I was inclined to blame the SCADA, perhaps the firewall settings on the machines. Now, however, I'm unsuccessful reading the registers with either ModbusPoll or DF (either in channels or sequence). I get P-ModbusTCP 0010: Timeout 05/25/20 12:55:01.140 Both the SCADA guy and I can ping the DF machine, and I'm not aware of any changes that have been made to the DF PC (firewall, for example) between when I could read and now, nor have any idea why I could read before when he could not.
  5. ParseString() shows in the autocomplete as an HTTP.x function, but I can't find any documentation in the user guide, nor is there a popup prototype call as there is with most calls as you enter the arguments. Is there some documentation for it, or can you do some here? Thanks!
  6. SteveMyres

    Text Rotation

    Me three.
  7. SteveMyres

    AscA not working as expected in execute()

    Oh! Duh, don't know why I was doing that. Just in the habit of evaluating everything down to a final answer before concatenating (primarily for the creation of display strings and so on). Thanks!
  8. Manually entering MyChannelName.Addvalue(AscA(MyString)) works (it pushes all the ASCII codes in as consecutive channel points), but if I place it in an execute(), it seems to build the script string with only the ASCII value for the first character, rather than AscA(strArg) evaluating to a numeric array (as if I used Asc()) execute(ChannelName + ".Addvalue(" + AscA(strArg) + ")") Evaluate does the same thing -- treats the AscA() as if the string were only one character.
  9. SteveMyres

    Calculate rms value of an an array

    I thought 'Root Mean Square' WAS the formula?
  10. SteveMyres

    File Preferences not saving

    Well, I don't object too strongly to there being another level, but they should name it more descriptively, like "Run As SuperAdmin" or something. The nomenclature is poor.
  11. SteveMyres

    File Preferences not saving

    Oh, okay. Windows is so annoying, with Run As Admin not being the same thing as running as an....admin. English? Who needs that?
  12. I like the idea of %u, where it will automagically roll between floating point and exponential notation, but you can't specify the number of decimal places like you can with %f, so I'd like to be able to do that. I'd also like to have a format string for "engineering notation", which is exponential, but with the exponents are limited to multiples of three, and the mantissa can range from one to three places before the decimal. Thus, the exponential part is always thousands, millions, billions, etc.
  13. I'd like to request a refresh on the sequence editor configuration UI. Get all the glitches out of saving our display preferences in Windows 7 and later (or just make all the colors, background, default foreground, and syntax, select more freely and the selections stick), OR Change sequence editing to use a commonly available external editor like Notepad++, if this would be compatible with keeping the ability for runtime changes to the DF application. Thanks!
  14. SteveMyres

    File Preferences not saving

    Still on Win7 SP1, DF 16.3, and it's acting like I described before for user mode, even logged in as an admin. Guru Mode doesn't stick, and changing the default background without enabling user mode only changes the background NOT behind the sequence portion of each line. From the end of the text to the right side of the window, the change is effective.
  15. I was editing entries in a watch window hovered over a sequence editing window. Since many of the watch window entries were partially repetitive, I was highlighting, cutting and pasting to new lines. Probably since the Watch/Command Alert/Comm Monitor/etc. dialog is intended to be able to hover, the background is still somewhat active, and when I pasted in the watch window, the same strings would paste into the sequence editor as well. Note first line of sequence before "global"