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  1. Is it generally more reliable to run more pins on a single LabJack than running fewer on two LabJacks? I am currently using three pins on a device and the controls have already filled my page. Since I have several LabJacks available, I thought it would be easier to use multiple devices rather than having to duplicate the code. Can you elaborate on how I can replace channels with variables? I've used variables in my sequences but I guess I am just not familiar with how I can assign the variables to control pins and set which device number I want to control.
  2. I have 4 LJ U3 device, each with a different local ID, used for doing the same test. They are used with the LJ relay drivers to periodically control relay on a circuit. Instead of having a separate software for the different device # or changing the device number manually for all the channels every time, I added a device select symbol which changes the device # between 1-4 for all the channels in the software when pressed. if device_select = 1 mychannel1.devicenumber= 2 etc The problem is when one LabJack is running and I setup another one on the same computer, I will interfere with the first test as I switch between device # 1 to 4. I get a communication error since its like trying to run two DF programs on the same LabJack. I am wondering if there's a way to detect if a LabJack is being used by another DF software and communicating with the PC so I can write code to skip that device number, or better yet, if you can recommend an easier way to implement this feature. Thanks!
  3. Hi, Is there a way to disable buttons or descriptive text on the page when a sequence is running? Basically, I am making a cycling program which turns my device on and off for a preset time. I have a start/stop button which stops the sequence after it finishes the cycle. But during that time, I can press it again and it will continue to run. I want to disable that, along with a few other buttons on the page, and let the cycle finish. I couldn't find anything about disabling buttons in the manual.