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  1. OnMouseMove does not function in popups.
  2. AzeoTech

    Help logging a sequence of strings

    It worked fine for me when I changed the channels to Test channels. One thing to note, while the logging set is running, DAQFactory keeps the file open. Because of the way Windows caches to disk, it can appear that the file is getting no data until Windows writes the cache to disk. If you quit DAQFactory, or change the logging file name, the file is closed and then the data logged can be viewed. I also would not use Auto-Split files. This is a largely deprecated feature. If you want to split your files, put date specifiers in your file name. So for example: D:\DAQFactory\TestData_%y%m%d_%H.DAT This would create a new file every hour.
  3. It should work in the popup as well.
  4. AzeoTech

    DLL problem

    DAQFactory only has two variable types, numbers and strings. It uses the declaration you provide in extern() to convert to the appropriate C data type before calling the external function. This is done internally and you do not need to worry about it. DAQFactory will complain, however, when you try and pass a regular variable to a parameter that is expecting a pointer, or vice-versa.
  5. AzeoTech

    ODBC-Sql Server String Value problem

    I believe NVarChar is for unicode. DAQFactory isn't compiled for unicode, and so even if you could read this field type, it wouldn't look right. Do a search on the web for converting NVARCHAR to VARCHAR inside a query (SELECT). For example, I quickly found a database forum that shows a CONVERT() function, as well as a CAST() function. I have not used these, but they, especially the cast() look quite promising.
  6. AzeoTech

    Help logging a sequence of strings

    It could be a number of things. Any chance you could post or email us your ctl doc so I can see how you have things setup?
  7. AzeoTech

    Can DF using .lib extension file

    No, by definition a static library is compiled into a program, while a shared library can be accessed by an existing, already compiled program like DAQFactory. If you only have a .lib file available, you would have to compile that into a DLL. This should be relatively easy with just a little wrapper code.
  8. AzeoTech

    DLL problem

    Well, the first problem I see is that these functions all appear to take scalar values, but you are passing pointers. If you get no errors from your extern() function calls, but get an error when you actually call the imported function, then that is likely the issue. So, for example, it should be: InitStatus = InitDll(PortNo, BaudRate) the @ sign returns the pointer to that variable, not the variable contents. DAQFactory checks to make sure you don't pass a pointer to an imported function that expects a value, and vice-versa.
  9. AzeoTech

    Watch Window text size

    UI fonts are controlled in File - Preferences. Depending on your OS setup, you may have to run DAQFactory as an Admin when you change these settings to get them to stick.
  10. AzeoTech

    ODBC-Sql Server String Value problem

    Using regular Query is largely deprecated for the QueryToClass() function. Try that one instead. Not only is it faster (performance wise) and easier to use, it also has had more recent field type updates.
  11. AzeoTech

    DaqFac v 18.1.0 Logging at start up

    That is not expected behavior. Can you provide your document, either posted here or emailed to support@ so we can see what you are seeing?
  12. The quickest way to manage your channels is to Export the channel list, edit it in Excel, then import it back in. There is no purge function.
  13. AzeoTech

    Graph Trace Disk Space

    Depends on how often you are taking data. Data at 1 second uses 60 times as much disk space as data at one minute. But in general, the persist file is 16 bytes per data point. That's 8 for the time stamp, and 8 for the value. Assuming 1 minute data, 13 months = about 560,000 data points * 20 traces = about 11 million * 16 = about 176 meg. This won't bog down DAQFactory on a modern machine, but you should try and avoid bringing in all 176 meg worth of data at once. For performance reasons, I often will create a second channel for each channel that has a slower data rate, say 1 hour, that I use for generating long term trends, but that might be overkill in your case. Of course if you have 1 second data instead of 1 minute, then we are talking 10.5 gig, which is more memory than a 32 bit app like DAQFactory can handle at once (it is limited to 4 gig like all 32 bit apps). Then you really will need to have a duplicate slower data set if you want the ability to zoom out and see the entire time span. Remember though, that it only matters what data you bring into DAQFactory. So you can create 1 second data for 13 months on 20 traces as long as you only view, say, at most one week at a time, and scroll it. It is when you zoom out to 6 months or the full 13 months that you run into problems.
  14. AzeoTech

    Misc questions and answers

    For the HOA: You can't do it this way with a radio. The radio can only handle a set channel, not an expression (which is why it doesn't show with a red/green background. I'd consider using a descriptive text or symbol component. For example, see attached. Doing it with a radio is more involved. You would have to calculate the current state based on those two bits, and then break it apart when the radio changes. That would involve some script. It would be easier to simply make your own radio, which I also did in the attached using 3 buttons and 3 LED controls. You could use a wide variety of things for this. HOA Sample.ctl
  15. Good morning.  Why am I a loosing trend line data (Modbus 40013) after restarting DAQFactory?  History is set to 3,600 and Persist to 35,000,000.  Had one day of data showing, restarted DAQF and it  only graphed data from the startup time.

    Thanks, Win B.

    DAQF 1.png