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  1. AzeoTech

    Zeroing data with zeroPoint

    For what? You don't learn without making a few missteps!
  2. AzeoTech

    Zeroing data with zeroPoint

    You started to go down the right path, but didn't. You need three variables, like the ZeroPoint1, ZeroPoint2, and ZeroPoint3 you declared in your SetGlobalZero sequence, which apply to each of the three lasers. You created these and also ZeroPoint, but then used the same ZeroPoint variable for all three lasers.
  3. If the sequence doesn't run all the way through then there is likely an error and a corresponding error message in the command / alert window. Moving the script to an event won't likely eliminate the error, so you should probably chase that down.
  4. Yes, you can do that but you have to be careful. Just remember that the script in the channel Event runs in the same thread as the Timing loop so any delay in executing the script could affect your timing. For example, if you have your input channel timing set to 0.02, and you do the LJTic_DAC command and that takes 0.03 seconds, then your input channel will only read at every 0.03 seconds since it was tied up adjusting the LJTic_DAC. That is why it is sometimes better to have a secondary loop in a sequence watching the input and tweaking an output separately. That all said, in your case, you are probably fine...
  5. AzeoTech

    Syntax for direct one-step casting

    First problem is that DAQFactory won't support a 64 integer in general. All numbers in DAQFactory are stored as 64 bit floating point values (double precision floating point) which basically gives you 52-53 bits of integer. The rest is exponent. So, really to read 64 bit integers you need to split it into two 32 bit values and process them that way. Moving on, you can pretty much do what you are asking with relatively simple bitwise math. For example, to get just the least significant 16 bits of all values in an array, it is just: array & 0xff To get just bit 37 (numbered from 0): array >> 37 & 0x01
  6. AzeoTech

    HOA Switch

    Yes and no. There isn't a built in HOA switch, but you can easily create your own using symbols from the Symbol Factory (or any other image you want to use). I've attached a sample showing it. It is made of 4 components to provide labels. The main component is a symbol component that contains three symbols, one for each possible switch position. Which is displayed is determined by the HOA channel. Clicking the symbol steps through the options, Off then Hand then Auto then back to Off. There are then 3 labels for each of the positions. If you click on the label it will jump to that state. You can, if you expect to use the switch a lot, group it and basically make your own component out of it. I would likely add script to allow for changing of the output channel, but that is a bit more involved. If you are only going to use a few of these, you can just copy and paste the four components and manually change it. hoaSample.ctl
  7. AzeoTech

    HOA Switch

    Use a single Symbol component and add the three images, giving each image a different threshold depending on your coding. I recommend 0 for off, 1 for hand and 2 for auto. Then in the action, if you just want to step through the states put script like this (assuming "hoa" is the variable/channel with the hoa status): private temp = hoa+1 if (temp > 2) temp = 0 endif hoa = temp
  8. AzeoTech

    Speed/time measurement

    First what hardware are you using? If you are using a LabJack you can use on of their timer modes to achieve this, though you may need to add a latching circuit, something so that the first sensor latches the output high, then the second sensor brings it back low. But the folks at LabJack will know how best to do this hardware wise. You won't be able to do this without using a hardware mode due to the extremely short time frame.
  9. Why wouldn't you just display the result of the stream? Just do [0] on it. It will update with every stream block which is several times a second.
  10. You should be able to, but I'll let LabJack respond. But, the data should line up if you use a logging set and set the alignment threshold small (0.001 probably). I'm not sure what you mean by the channel name. You can change the channel name all you want.
  11. So it sits at 0, but updates? Can you run it without running any other script so it just runs the same Startup2 script and reads the counter, but not any of the A to D (or anything else)?
  12. Sorry, my version of BasicCounter has it configured at 4. Are you getting any sort of errors in the Command/Alert? What does the counter do? How do you know it doesn't work?
  13. Two things: 1) I recommend doing PIN_CONFIGURATION_RESET to ensure the LabJack isn't in a weird mode 2) and most likely the issue: I am pretty sure you can only apply an even Counter pin offset. You'd have to ask LabJack to confirm.
  14. You'd have to check the power supply specs, but the absolute limit is going to be determined by ohms law: V = IR. You can calculate (or measure) the resistance of 50 meters of your cable, then plug in your desired amperage, which at 48V, 7W would be 0.145 amps (note we want the amps on the wire which is 48V, not the 9V of your hub). Multiply the two and you'll get the voltage drop across the wire. Subtract that from 48V and that's the voltage you'll see at the other end. You'll also have to watch for heating and the spec on the network cable should tell you the maximum amps supported. Those are standard, non-signal carrying calculations. There may be other factors that will further limit it. We use Unifi access points and those are 7W with 19W passthrough and we don't have any issues. Note that you aren't going to be able to plug a 9V hub/switch directly into a 48V PoE line. I would look instead for a PoE powered switch. I have a little Ubiquiti PoE powered switch on my desk. It even has pass through for my phone, but of course does not provide PoE on its own since it doesn't have to be plugged into the wall.
  15. AzeoTech

    Working offline

    Hmm, not sure where you found the online guide. It might be left over from a long time ago. I'm pretty sure there isn't a link to it anywhere on our site. Use the guide included in the download so you are sure you are using the one that matches your release.