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  1. AzeoTech

    Remote DF Modbus/TCP Server won't open TCP connection

    I'm not sure. The easiest solution is to simply get a serial to Ethernet converter and have DAQFactory act as the Modbus slave on a serial port, then use the converter to put that comms onto Ethernet on 502. Then you are no longer using Windows networking and all the issues (i.e. firewall, etc) that come with it. You are using Windows serial ports which are quite straight-forward. DAQFactory and Windows won't know that you are then going Ethernet. Since DAQFactory supports any protocol on any transport layer, you can still use the ModbusTCP protocol without having to use a protocol translator, so you are talking a $200 or less device.
  2. AzeoTech

    RAM usage

    Yes, sending the doc would help. Email to support.
  3. AzeoTech

    Graphing Live Fieldlogger Data

    It can be done, though for live readings from anywhere you will need to use a web service such as DAQConnect. Having remote people connect into your system directly creates all sorts of security challenges. If all you want to do is collect and graph the data, you may be able to use DAQConnect exclusively, along with a DAQBridge. The DAQBridge would be setup to poll the field loggers and push the data to DAQConnect where you can then keep historical and offer trends to multiple users. No PC would be required. This assumes your field loggers talk Modbus. If they don't, you'd have to use DAQFactory on a PC instead of a DAQBridge.
  4. There is not, but you can control the visibility with the "visible" variable which exists on every component. You could also control ordering by putting the components on a different page and overlaying the pages. Then when you set the current page with: page.strCurrentPage = "myPage,my2ndPage" you can control the ordering as it paints one page, then the next, so this: page.strCurrentPage = "my2ndPage,myPage" would paint things differently then the first one.
  5. AzeoTech

    scroll bar position

    Yes, there is a variable in the component called "TopRow" which you can set to the row of data you would like to be the top row in the table. So 0, would scroll you all the way to the top. To scroll to the bottom, set TopRow to the number of rows of data minus the number of rows visible in the component.
  6. AzeoTech

    Odbc Logging Password

    It depends which installer you ran. See here:
  7. AzeoTech

    Odbc Logging Password

    Did you use the 32 bit version of SQL Server?
  8. AzeoTech

    Odbc Logging Password

    Is the database 64 bit or 32 bit? Again, you have to be careful that everything is 32 bit.
  9. AzeoTech

    Odbc Logging Password

    Start simple then. Turn off authentication. Make sure you are connecting to a local database and not trying to do this over a network. If you have another tool available, see if it can connect over ODBC. Or, if a Test button is available on the ODBC configuration page, check that. Is the database local?
  10. AzeoTech

    Remote DF Modbus/TCP Server won't open TCP connection

    I'm assuming Ethernet Server? I would first try putting the server on a different port, like 501 and see if that helps. That will tell you whether there is some other software in the background using the standard port. I'd also test locally first, then from a remote computer.
  11. AzeoTech

    Odbc Logging Password

    OK, that error usually occurs when you use a 64 ODBC driver with DAQFactory, which is a 32 bit application. You have to make sure on 64 bit versions of Windows to run the 32 bit ODBC configuration tool. This is often NOT listed in control panel / Administrative tools. I usually add a shortcut to the 32 bit version manually, so it lists both. It is usually located here: C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ODBCCP32.CPL
  12. AzeoTech

    Odbc Logging Password

    OK, I need a lot more detail to help, including what you have done, and what messages you are getting.
  13. AzeoTech

    labjack com error

    I would start by making sure you are running the latest firmware and drivers from the LabJack website. After that, I'll let the folks at LabJack chime in as the error is coming from their drivers.
  14. AzeoTech

    RAM usage

    Are you actually seeing huge ram usage? Check task manager. DAQFactory is a 32 bit app, so is limited to using 4 gig of RAM. But I never really see anyone use more than maybe 1 to 1.5 gig. I doubt the issue has to do with number of pages, but more likely something in those pages. For one thing, pages really don't do anything if they aren't on screen. The memory required to store them in the background is pretty minimal. How is DAQFactory crashing?
  15. The trick to that is to use the time portion of the array to store the index. Let's assume the arrays are arr1 and arr2: arr1 = insertTime(arr1,0,1) Then, to get the index of the minimum, just do gettime() on that minimum: private theMin = min(arr1) private indexMin = getTime(theMin) Now you can just index into arr2 using indexMin. Min() and Max(), in addition to returning the appropriate value, stick the time of that value into the time portion of the result.