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  1. AzeoTech

    Filling a table component with an exported file

    I'm not sure. You probably have the timestamp wrong. Just do a test of sorttime() in the command alert: global string a = {"A","B","C"} a = insertTime(a, systime(), 1) // this makes it so time gets bigger as we move through the array Now, if you do: ? a you get {"A", "B", "C} and if you then displayed that in a table, "A" would be the top row. But if you do: ? sorttime(a) you get {"C", "B", "A"} which is in order from biggest time to smallest. If you then displayed that in a table, "C" would be the top row.
  2. AzeoTech

    Filling a table component with an exported file

    There are a couple ways. But if you are using ReadDelim() the first way (inserting in reverse) won't work. With ReadDelim, what you want to do is assign the timestamp to the actual content variable, then use sortTime(). You already did the first part, so just need to do the second part: messages = sortTime(messages)
  3. Buttons never have focus, so no.
  4. Not with that component. You would have to stack a bunch of regular linear gauge components together, or better yet, a bunch of symbol components that change size based on your variables.
  5. AzeoTech

    About Execute function

    First, don't use var. for your global variables. That is left over syntax from like 15 years ago. Instead, declare your globals and just use the variable name alone. Second, it looks like a parser bug. I'm amazed no one ever ran into it before. Just add a space after your equal sign: var.strdeneme = var.strx1+"= "+(var.x22)
  6. AzeoTech

    shellExecute run to osk.exe

    You may have to either run a batch file, or run cmd.exe with osk as the parameter, and /C or /K. Open cmd then type "help cmd" to see the various flags for cmd.
  7. No, other than manually changing it. I usually use objects in these cases, where the object contains the variables. The objects are the same class, just instantiated twice and stored in variables, say "ABC" and "KLM". Then I'd have a third variable called, say "CurrOb". I'd have all the screen elements reference CurrOb, so CurrOb.V1, CurrOb.v2, etc. Then I can simply assign whichever I want to currOb, so currOb = ABC or currOb = KLM to switch between the two. That would eliminate any cutting and pasting.
  8. AzeoTech


    The keys are manufactured by Marx. You can get their latest driver here: Click on Drivers and Diagnostic tools and select CBUSetup. That is the Marx driver for the keys we use.
  9. AzeoTech


    OK, so you shouldn't use the 15 letter key for Pro anymore since you have the license on the hardware key. If you have used the key on a system, then you should (without the hardware key inserted) go to Tools - Remove Development license. That way, your one Pro license is just on the hardware key, which you can move to any computer.
  10. AzeoTech


    Sorry, I hate the fact that we call the 15 letter "key" a key, and also the hardware key a "key". It gets confusing real quick. You have a hardware key, right? What license is on the hardware key?
  11. AzeoTech

    ModbusTCP error. Two software devices

    Depends on what the slave is doing. If you are doing everything through channels, you can enable broadcasting on the master, then create a remote Connection on the slave, setting the Default Connection to this new Connection. That should make it pretty easy to do. Note that you would need Pro to utilize inter-DAQFactory networking.
  12. AzeoTech

    ModbusTCP error. Two software devices

    Check the specs on the Moxa units to find out how many connections they support. Or just turn off one computer, reboot the Moxa units and see if it works well with just one PC active. If so, then you will likely need to setup DAQFactory in more of a master/slave setup where only one copy of DAQFactory communicates with the hardware.
  13. AzeoTech


    Yes, that is correct. If you have the Pro license on the hardware key, then you would need a Runtime for each computer. As for your second question, you do not need a Runtime license while you are using the Pro key. The Pro license can be run in Runtime mode so that you can see what your application would look like on a runtime system. So, I would just do that: develop on your laptop using just the Pro key, then when you are ready get a runtime license for the new computer. One note: make sure you do not have the hardware key inserted when you license a computer with a Runtime license, otherwise it will put the runtime license on the key and overwrite the Pro license.
  14. AzeoTech

    ModbusTCP error. Two software devices

    How many PC's do you have connected to your devices? Many hardware devices only support 1 Ethernet connection at a time (or some other small number). They are not like PC's that can handle thousands of connections.
  15. AzeoTech


    You can purchase direct from us. Amplicon no longer carries DAQFactory. As for the license, if you have Pro and not the $3299 Developer, then you need one license for each computer. That license can be a runtime, which does not allow edits, or a Pro license. Alternatively, you can put your Pro license on a hardware key, and put runtime licenses on the actual computers. Then you can move the Pro license to other computers. You should not be using your 15 letter unlock key to unlock multiple computers as this is against the EULA. The exception, of course, would be if you are moving the license permanently, such as when a computer dies. To be compliant, you should make sure the number of unlocked computers + hardware keys = number of licenses purchased. Note that if you have Developer it is different.