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  1. Illegal data address comes from the device and is a Modbus error code, not DAQFactory. This can happen in one of several ways: 1) you are requesting an address that doesn't exist 2) you are using the wrong function (i.e. reading a holding register when in fact it is an Input register) 3) you are off by 1 register on a 32 bit value (U32, S32, float). Remember, 32 bit values require 2 modbus registers, so you'll see in your docs that the addresses jump by 2's. If it says 2, 4, 6, etc. and you try and read 1 or 3, then often the device will send an illegal address error because in order to read address 1, you really have to read 0 as well and combine them. 4) on that same note, you try and read a 32 bit value, but only request one register (because the I/O type is set to a 16 version). 5) you are using 0 based tag #'s for one device and 40,001 based tag numbers for another. You have to choose which and stick with it. I personally always use 0 based to avoid any confusion and because that is what is in the low level Modbus request anyway. 40,001 just gets converted to 0 before going down the wire to the device. The whole 40,000 and +1 part is just fluff added many years ago when they thought it would be confusing for people to count from 0.
  2. AzeoTech

    Error Code

    Whenever you see an 8zzzzzzz or 0x8zzzzzzz error, you can pretty much always do a web search to get a good idea on what is happening. These error codes are typical for networking errors. Anyhow, in this case whatever server you are trying to connect to is actively refusing the connection. This means that a device actually exists at the address you provided, but that it is not allowing you to connect to it. This often happens when you specify the wrong port, or when there is a firewall blocking the port you specified. It is not a protocol error because the connection is never established.
  3. No because you can do the same math right in the addValue() function. For example, if the conversion you might use was: Value * 6.3 + 2.3 Your addValue would just be: myChannel.addValue(myVariable * 6.3 + 2.3)
  4. AzeoTech

    Data in safe mode

    Streaming will continue, but everything else will stop. This is because streaming is an asynchronous process controlled by the LabJack. You would have to tell the LabJack to stop streaming yourself. You could create a button to do this and then switch to safe mode by using the system.safeMode = 1
  5. AzeoTech

    Cannot configure/monitor serial port

    I"m not exactly sure what you did. Deleting channels won't affect the available devices or ports. Ports and devices are also separate, so if you can't access the device, that doesn't mean you can't access the port. Just create a new device, and the port will appear as an option you can select and configure. There are exceptions, namely built in devices, and user devices. Built in ones you can delete most of them by simply changing the extension on the associated .dds file. The exception would be the LabJackM driver which is internal. User devices (meaning ones with script) you can also delete by changing the extension on its .dds file.
  6. Try just setting the port to 0. That will eliminate the "port not found error". It is also a great way to disable a port without deleting it.
  7. AzeoTech

    Solenoid valve control

    I'm going to let LabJack comment on what should be done on a hardware level. But if you do, in fact, need to change between Dig Input and Dig output, you'd be better off just making two channels with the same channel #, but different I/O types, and using read(digInChannel) to do the digital input, and digOutChannel = 0 for the digital out. Doing channel.restart() all the time is not very efficient.
  8. AzeoTech

    Components do not render

    DAQFactory did not install properly. Those controls are handled through ActiveX controls and it appears those controls didn't get registered. You can see the three files in the DAQFactory folder have the .ocx extension. You can register them manually, but it is often easier just to reinstall. Just make sure you are an admin when you install to ensure the installer can do the registration.
  9. Are you getting the message once, or over and over again? DAQFactory will automatically set the pin with the channel, but only after it fails once because it doesn't know what the pin is currently set at. You can resolve this by setting the pin direction in LJControlPanel and writing it to the LabJack flash as the default setting.
  10. AzeoTech

    DAQ crashing/closing down

    It won't be the dongle. If you remove the dongle, DAQFactory will issue a warning to put it back in. Your attachment didn't come through as a valid rar file. You can try emailing it to us instead. A full crash with no prompt is unusual, and won't be a memory leak issue. In the meantime, try loading one of our samples or use another document and see if it crashes. Then we can tell whether it is specific to your application or not. If it is specific to your application, then it is possibly a device issue, and I recommend ensuring that you have the latest drivers for any hardware you are using. The other possibility would be a blown stack. This would occur if you wrote script that inadvertently calls itself, either directly, or through other script. This causes a rapid loop and blown stack and is something that DAQFactory cannot recover from, and can't even display a crash message for. If I was to guess, the most likely way you might accidentally do this is if you have a Channel Event that calls some function, which in turn sets a value in that channel, which then triggers the Event again, etc. If it crashes like that on any of our samples, then it is likely an installation problem, and I'd delete the DAQFactory folder and reinstall.
  11. AzeoTech

    DF Quick Tutorial with U12

    Actually the tutorial should work exactly the same if one just selects LabJack_U12 instead of LabJack_UD in Step 5, ignoring the warning not to select LabJack_U12.
  12. AzeoTech

    Print Export Function Crashing in Windows 7

    Try using Page.printSetup() function in a quick sequence instead.
  13. AzeoTech

    Document Licensing

    That is because you don't have the proper DAQFactory license installed on the computer. And the doc wasn't created with Developer so there is no license in the document. So, the trial dialog appears. If you didn't have user licensing enabled, once you hit Continue, it would go into Runtime mode. But since you have user licensing enabled, it goes to that. When you enter an invalid code, it tries to quit, but has issues thinking the doc has changed. If you enter the correct code, it should go into runtime mode on restart. It won't go into dev mode because you have an editing password. Bottom line is that you need a DAQFactory license on this computer before trying to use a user licensed document.
  14. AzeoTech

    Report Creation

    The orientation is determined in the pdfStart() numbers. It is x and y, so if x is smaller than y, it will be portrait.
  15. AzeoTech

    http commmunication code

    That is the right start: private index = find(in, "code", 0) if (index != -1) private code = strToDouble(mid(in,index+6,100)) endif