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  1. ethushara

    Certificate authority is invalid

    Hi, Suddenly one of my plants data upload has been stopped and when i check the below error is given when trying to upload. "Error send tags to server: the certificate authority is invalid or incorrect" screenshot is attached. Please let me know the reason. BR, thushara
  2. Hi, I'm reading one channel from a DAQBridge and need to send this channel to Daqfactory placed in another location. This DAQfactory channel should be updated in each second. The available examples to control from Daqconnect are in click events. So could you please explain how should i send these values of the channel from Daqconnect frequently without clicking a button? Please include an example script as well. BR, Thushara.
  3. ethushara

    License recovery

    Hi, I was using DAQfactory developing license in my notebook PC and recently i upgraded my SSD Drive. Not the previous licence key is not valid with the new SSD. It says it has been used already. Is there any method to get my previous key to the new SSD drive without replacing the previous SSD again? BR Thushara
  4. ethushara

    Pop up message

    Hi, Could you please let me know the reasons of popping up the message attached? And how can I get this corrected? This comes frequently in one of my projects. BR Thushara
  5. Hi Thanks for the reply. And also can you let me know how to try using a file? I'm using windows 10 64bit. Br, Thushara.
  6. Hi, I tried with above solution to prevent running second instance. In my one PC its working fine. But in another PC located in another project, this is not working. it means it doesn't update the watchdog registry and it keep as zero all the time. I tried this with sequences and also through edit boxes with some values as well. registry.watchdog = 5 But the registry is not getting updated. what can be the reason for this? BR, thushara
  7. ethushara

    Write and read in permanent memory

    hi, 1. Mostly i need to save the Virtual channel values to be read by the next copy of same .ctl file. In channel persistence i found only the way to persist the channels in the channel table. So please let me know can i do the same for the virtual channels as well. 2. No. Im not doing auto persist or system.saveDocument() anywhere. Best regards, thushara
  8. ethushara

    Read from Siemens PLC through profinet protocol

    hi Thanks a lot. Actually what i was required is to read the actual values which are in the PLC. But by selecting only this input output type (Read holding float R words) i could get the exact values of those channels at the beginning. But suddenly yesterday i found those errors. My worry is while the address 5 shows the same correct number in both DAQ and Modscanner, the address 9 in modscanner has come to 7 in DAq and address 7 in modscanner has gone to 3 in daq with some rounding up (i suppose). This doesn't show any pattern. i tried by changing values like trying to read the addresses 2, 4,6,8, even by changing the i/o types as well. But those are giving very wrong figures. So could please let me know how can i overcome. i just need to read exact values in the PLC. Thanks again, Best Regards, Thushara
  9. ethushara

    Read from Siemens PLC through profinet protocol

    Hi, I had to face a abnormal issue with when reading the Modbus TCP data with Daqfactory. I have attached related details in pictures here. When i read by Modscanner32 it shows the the correct values in correct addresses as per in the PLC. But when i read same from Daqfactory it shows different values and addresses. Please go through the below points with the pictures and the PDF attached. 1) in address 40005 in Modscanner32 (in PLC address 5) the value is 1487.65 but in Address 5 in DAQ the value is same BUT, 2) in address 40007 in Modscanner32 (in PLC address 7) the value is 1486.8671 but in Address 5 in DAQ the value is 1228.0 3) in address 40009 in Modscanner32 (in PLC address 9) the value is 1228.0 but in Address 5 in DAQ the value is 0.0 4) in address 40003 in Modscanner32 (in PLC address 3) the value is 0.0 but in Address 5 in DAQ the value is 1480.0 5) I tried with changing the i/o type with near addresses. But anywhere i cannot find the value 1486.86 in DAQ This is confusing me a lot. Please help me to find out the issue. Best regards, thushara LUB_CO_Remote_Prozesswerte (DB128).pdf
  10. ethushara

    Download a Table of data

    Hi, Could you please let me know to whom i should write on OEM? BR Thushara
  11. ethushara

    maximum no of channels

    Hi, It changed the speed in good scale in Modbus protocol. Still i need to get your guidance to speedup the CANbus connection speed in my Daqfactory. In fact those are on ready by the program and so i don't know the delay comes from where. A sequence used to read the messages is as below. while (1) device.U1GOV.Purge() private string strIn1 = private string in1 = asca(strIn1) strIn1 =[1]) in1 = asca(strIn1) ID1.Addvalue(in1 [4]) If ((ID1 (0) > 87) && (ID1 (0) < 89)) CCP100.Addvalue(in1 [9]) CCP101.Addvalue(in1 [10]) CCP102.Addvalue(in1 [11]) CCP103.Addvalue(in1 [12]) CCP104.Addvalue(in1 [13]) CCP105.Addvalue(in1 [14]) CCP106.Addvalue(in1 [15]) CCP107.Addvalue(in1 [16]) else If ((ID1 (0) > 23) && (ID1 (0) < 25)) IP150.Addvalue(in1 [9]) IP151.Addvalue(in1 [10]) IP152.Addvalue(in1 [11]) IP153.Addvalue(in1 [12]) IP154.Addvalue(in1 [13]) IP155.Addvalue(in1 [14]) IP156.Addvalue(in1 [15]) IP157.Addvalue(in1 [16]) else If ((ID1 (0) > 31) && (ID1 (0) < 33)) IP200.Addvalue(in1 [9]) IP201.Addvalue(in1 [10]) IP202.Addvalue(in1 [11]) IP203.Addvalue(in1 [12]) IP204.Addvalue(in1 [13]) IP205.Addvalue(in1 [14]) IP206.Addvalue(in1 [15]) IP207.Addvalue(in1 [16]) else If ((ID1 (0) > 55) && (ID1 (0) < 57)) CCP250.Addvalue(in1 [9]) CCP251.Addvalue(in1 [10]) CCP252.Addvalue(in1 [11]) CCP253.Addvalue(in1 [12]) CCP254.Addvalue(in1 [13]) CCP255.Addvalue(in1 [14]) CCP256.Addvalue(in1 [15]) CCP257.Addvalue(in1 [16]) else If ((ID1 (0) > 103) && (ID1 (0) < 105)) IP300.Addvalue(in1 [9]) IP301.Addvalue(in1 [10]) IP302.Addvalue(in1 [11]) IP303.Addvalue(in1 [12]) IP304.Addvalue(in1 [13]) IP305.Addvalue(in1 [14]) IP306.Addvalue(in1 [15]) IP307.Addvalue(in1 [16]) else If ((ID1 (0) > 119) && (ID1 (0) < 121)) IP350.Addvalue(in1 [9]) IP351.Addvalue(in1 [10]) IP352.Addvalue(in1 [11]) IP353.Addvalue(in1 [12]) IP354.Addvalue(in1 [13]) IP355.Addvalue(in1 [14]) IP356.Addvalue(in1 [15]) IP357.Addvalue(in1 [16]) else If ((ID1 (0) > 151) && (ID1 (0) < 153)) CCP450.Addvalue(in1 [9]) CCP451.Addvalue(in1 [10]) CCP452.Addvalue(in1 [11]) CCP453.Addvalue(in1 [12]) CCP454.Addvalue(in1 [13]) CCP455.Addvalue(in1 [14]) CCP456.Addvalue(in1 [15]) CCP457.Addvalue(in1 [16]) else If ((ID1 (0) > 71) && (ID1 (0) < 73)) CCP280.Addvalue(in1 [9]) CCP281.Addvalue(in1 [10]) CCP282.Addvalue(in1 [11]) CCP283.Addvalue(in1 [12]) endif endif endif endif endif endif endif endif delay (0.2) endwhile Best regards, Thushara
  12. ethushara

    Read from Siemens PLC through profinet protocol

    Hi, Thanks a lot for your instructions and i managed to add MB_Server block in S7-1500s and connect it with Modbus TCP in DAqfactory. That is working nicely and also i can get it through wireless adding more benefits. Best regards, Thushara.
  13. Hi, In sometimes my Daqfactory program is suddenly stopping (attached a print screen copy) and again i cannot run the same copy. So i have to run an other copy of same program soon. in this case the values attached to some virtual channels are changed and this is a big issue for me. So can we have any possibility to write those necessary channel values in permanent memory (not in the program file - even in a file in Daqfactory directory) in the PC frequently using and script and get them read when initiating the program? this will solve this problem. In fact i need this very urgently as i'm going to log some sequential data and if any file corruption occurs when logging, it will jam my entire system when it will be continued with another copy of the program. so your support on this is highly appreciated. Best regards, Thushara.
  14. ethushara

    maximum no of channels

    Hi, Can you let me know the maximum no of channels can be handled by Daqfactory in modbus RTU or TCP if it read once per second in parallel? Because in my system when the no of channels are increasing the data receives very slowly. Sometimes once a 10 seconds. Sometimes still lower. Right now it gets around 70 channels. I meant tags. I'm going to add some more channels with modbus TCP and it will be around 300. So please let me know how to do this to get exact ones per second in each channel. BR, Thushara