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  1. atomic361

    Alarming After Time

    Hello, when using the following as a condition to activate alarm after set time the background remains red...does that signify an issue with the code Min(Ch0_Room_1[sysTime(),SysTime() -1800])>MyH1 Thanks
  2. atomic361

    Alarming After A Set Time

    Hello, Could you show me an example how to Alarm a channel after a set time period i.e 15 minutes. Thats if the channel rises above a set point for the set time period Many thanks,
  3. atomic361


    Hi, I need to log data every 60 seconds over a twenty four hour period with a new file name starting at midnight i have attached the code for the sequence, but i get an error and no file is created. I think the sequence hangs up at line 8 beginlogging (Panel_01) // loop forever: while (1) // wait until 11:59pm waituntil(23h59m) // wait another minute to move us into tomorrow delay(1m) // set logging file name: Logging.Panel_01.strFileName = "D:\Logging Folder\Area1 Logging\Area1 " + FormatDateTime("%d_%m_%y.csv",SysTime()) // and repeat endwhile Hope you can help...! Regards,
  4. Hi, I am a newbie to Daq factory and i am declaring global variables on the command line, but when i save and close project the next time i restart the global variables are no longer available....! Can anybody help..?