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    Sending a parentheses in a ddp

    Got it, my error was the hyphen instead of the comma out = format(" Set_rack(%d,%d)",variable,variable2) 
  2. I am trying to send this command over a serial channel using a ddp protocol Set_rack(variable1,variable2) This command requires (), and I cant figure out how to write the serial port For the command "position=variable,variable2" I would go function position(variable,variable2) private string out purge() out = format("position=%d-%d",variable,variable2) write(out + chr(13)) What do I do for the parentheses? Thanks
  3. jaresing

    Macs And Such

    Can Daqfactory be run on a Mac using a pc shell (or whatever it is called)?
  4. jaresing

    Serial Port Deletion Issue

    Once again, a post with no answer but a "send us the .ctl file". If this forum is going to be useful, then the answers need to make it on to the forum.
  5. jaresing

    Stuck Com Port

    Well, what was the answer? I had the same problem.
  6. jaresing

    Logging from time zero or logging dT or change in time

    Thanks so much. Finally back in the lab. Ok two questions. My logged time has at least 5 sig figs beyond the decimal. How do I reduce that to one or two? After I added the + ".txt" to my sequence, then the next time I wanted to save to the same file it now became filename.txt.txt and then file name.txt.txt.txt. How can I just get it to save as a file type?
  7. jaresing

    Logging file available read only

    Do you have to set up a mylog logging set to make this work?
  8. I want to log time starting from time zero at the beginning of a run. Right now I get some clunky system time that is tough to handle with my processing software. On a separate matter, how do I save my file with an extension automatically added to the end of a file Her is my code for logging to a file: if (component.startstop.strCaption == "Start") Private string strName = File.FileSaveDialog(Logging.COLLECT.FileName) if (!IsEmpty(strName)) Logging.collect.FileName = strName component.filename.strCaption = strname endif endif
  9. jaresing

    Running Two simlutaneous CTL files

    Yes, I mean steal from my own work, and your example code.
  10. Can I open two CTL files? If so, then how do I do it. I want to steal parts of one progrma and add it to another.
  11. jaresing


    In the channel menu, when I check on averaging, I assume that the channel when called to a graph would put out the average value. That does not happen. The output to a graph (and to the table and graph on the channel page) comes out without averaging. So, I put up my 2-D graph and for the expression I enter mean(channel [0.9]) and that puts out nothing at all. Then for the expression I enter boxcar(channel, 10). Then I do get smoothed data to the chart, but every 10 points I get a big spike in my chart. When I look at my data I do not see these spikes. My data is roughly 8.013,8.005,8.016,8.020,8.014,8.020,8.010,8.010,8.005,8.115 and so on. The spikes appear to go well above this range. Any thoughts? Thanks, from the Research vessel Kila Moana sitting atop an underwater volcano.